Be quiet! Pure Loop PC Water Cooling system now Available to Buy

Be quiet!, specializing in power supplies and PC water cooling system, has unveiled a series of entry-level Water Cooler PC. The Pure Loop series includes four models with 120, 240, 280, and 360mm radiators.

Be quiet! Pure Loop PC Water Cooling system

The manufacturer attributes to the advantages of Pure Loop the low noise level, with numerous features such as the double decoupled pump. Pure Wings 2 fans make the Pure Loop quiet and reliable, while the white LED lighting and black design set new standards in terms of design.

The pump body is installed on the pipes, due to which it is isolated from the water block and radiator, and the rubber elements inside the body add a second damping layer.

The heatsink has between one and three Pure Wings 2 fans, depending on the size of the heatsink. The airflow-optimized Pure Wings 2 fan design includes a nine-blade impeller. The water block is nickel-plated, which allows using liquid metal as a thermal interface. The radiator housing has a hole for adding coolant.

The PC Water Cooling system kit includes 100 ml of coolant, which is recommended to be added to the system every two years or as needed. The LSS components are interconnected by flexible braided tubes.

Be quiet! Pure Loop PC Water Cooling system

For the exterior design of the LSS, a combination of black components and white LED backlighting was chosen. The Pure Loop Mount System supports all current Intel and AMD desktop processors except AMD Threadripper (Socket TR4 / sTRX4).

Be quiet AIO Water Cooling price and availability

New LSS already appeared on the Amazon and Newegg websites. Pure Loop 120mm costs $84.90, Pure Loop 240mm at $94.90, Pure Loop 280mm for $104.90, and Pure Loop 360mm would cost $119.90.

Recently, NZXT has also expanded its range of CPU Liquid Cooler systems: the Kraken X-3 RGB NZXT cooler line and the Kraken Z53 joined the Kraken X-3 series, pricing starts from $160.

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