Audioengine A2+ Review: Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Audioengine A2+ is Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for a desktop computer that has a compact design, includes 1 silk-dome tweeters and 1 Aramid fiber woofers. The speakers brought us Bluetooth 5.0 with a High-quality aptX codec for convenient music playback from the phone, tablet, or laptop. 

Audioengine A2+ Review

The Audioengine A2+ is small and compact, comes with a flawless radiant finish. The speaker corners are rounded to make it soft, aesthetic, not the rough lines you’ll get. The speaker has an air outlet at the front so that it can be placed close to the wall, suitable for space used in the home or office desks.

You can put them on the dressing table to watch movies or YouTube with your girlfriend or close friends in your house. The design of the exhaust slot is a bit narrow and thus situated in the front, especially suitable for listening to nearby needs (the listener is 05–1 m away from the speaker), helps the bass to keep the intensity well sharp and clean, without being affected by room acoustics weaknesses, possibly buzzing or losing bass. 

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

On the back of the device, there is a speaker stack, analog connection, 1 USB DAC input, a pre-out to add a subwoofer, a Bluetooth pair button, and a power button cum volume control. These two portable Bluetooth speakers will be connected to each other via the speaker cable coming into the kit.

In front, we have a small silk dome tweeter, While testing, we found the midrange and treble sweet, the clarity and detail were quite good. The cymbals and hi-hat sound smooth and not harsh, this is also a feature of the silk-dome tweeters. This sound quality is suitable for genres like pop, rock ballad, and typical Hollywood classic songs. The bass is quite large, at least louder than the treble. 

This bass tube has a membrane made of Kevlar fiber, which is both durable and less distorted than the low-quality and easily damaged paper bass cone. Actually, when we tested this speaker, we were also surprised and curious as to why the driver was speaking so loudly, but it sounded so warm and clear. It is easy to listen to songs thanks to the vocal with good thickness, clarity, and just enough bass to guide the song’s unfinished mood.

After listening to different genres of music, with tracks like Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – Sour Candy or Westlife – Soledad, and NSYNC, A2+ has good mid-bass and upper-bass, while the sub-bass takes a lot of force and is not too clear, which is understandable with small woofer size. Pushing the strong upper bass and thick mid-bass is to listen to popular music, especially pop and the gentle classics, country and blues are no exception. Those who need a more majestic, more intense bass to listen to a heavier symphony or EDM should go with the Audioengine A5+ (Review) highest sound quality Bluetooth speaker.

Final line

There is a small tip for all those who want to buy this Bluetooth Wireless Speakers, buy it along with an Audioengine’s DS1 desktop stand. When placed on the stand, the treble, bass, and vent will be raised, the ears of the listener will be pointed, so the extension will be increased, the bass force and location will also improve very clearly.

The amplifier of the loudspeaker has a power output of 15W RMS (peak ~ 30W) per channel and you can buy it from and websites for $269 only.

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