Asustor Xpanstor 4 AS5004U Expansion Unit for NAS Storage

Asustor introduces the Xpanstor 4 AS5004U, a versatile storage expansion unit designed for NAS storage systems, which can also function as a DAS (Direct Attached Storage). This device seamlessly connects to a compatible storage device via USB, offering scalability to accommodate the user’s evolving storage needs. Additionally, the incorporation of active cooling contributes to prolonging the lifespan of the installed drives.

Asustor Xpanstor 4 AS5004U Expansion Unit for NAS Storage

For those well-versed in network storage or readers with an interest in this domain, Asustor is a name likely to ring a bell. As a reputable manufacturer of various network storage devices, Asustor now unveils its latest innovation – the Xpanstor 4 AS5004U. This ingenious solution empowers users to expand their NAS storage capacity without necessitating an immediate replacement of their existing setup.

Measuring 174 x 170 x 230 millimeters and weighing approximately 2 kilograms, this system connects to a NAS device via a USB interface. The connection is established through USB 3.2 Gen 2, delivering impressive data transfer rates of up to 10 GBit/s.

It is worth noting that the effective utilization of this speed hinges on the NAS device, the network connection, and, naturally, the storage media employed in the expansion unit. Securely fastened to the network storage device, the USB cable is held in place with two screws, akin to the securing mechanism once used for VGA plugs.

Featuring four slots compatible with SATA III, this expansion unit accommodates both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch storage drives, including SSDs. The maximum internal raw storage capacity is a substantial 88 TB. The integrated cooling system, powered by a single 120-millimeter fan, effectively regulates the temperature of the drives. Asustor specifies the power consumption of the AS5004U at around 6.02 watts during sleep mode and 24.68 watts when operational.

The AS5004U serves a dual purpose, functioning not only as an extension for NAS but also as a standalone DAS (Direct Attached Storage). This versatility allows direct connection to a computer. Moreover, it supports various RAID configurations and facilitates cold backups using MyArchive.

Asustor Xpanstor 4 AS5004U expansion unit price and availability

The Xpanstor 4 (AS5004U) is now available for purchase on and, priced at $319 and £312, respectively.

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In a parallel development, QNAP has recently unveiled the TS-AI642 network storage solution, distinguished by its robust AI capabilities encompassing tasks such as image and face recognition. This advanced solution is competitively priced at $799 or £850.12.

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