Asus unveiled ZenFlash and LolliFlash for smartphones

At the opening ceremony of Asus Zenfone 2 in Taiwan, Asus has given many surprises to users by launching a small camera attached devices such as Xenon flash named ZenFlash and LolliFlash to increase selfie photography feature in low light conditions for the Zenfone smartphone devices.


Today, most of smartphone with a powerful configuration, nice display, with advanced photographic feature and high quality sensor camera. Asus Zenfone 2 also has a new sensor and with higher resolution, which also comes with an extra accessory to support additional photography capabilities at night.

New accessory called ZenFlash is a small device attached Xenon flash connected with Zenfone via USB OTG. This ZenFlash can be 400 times brighter when compared to the regular LED flash, this will help the Zenfone line devices for low light photography and better video recording in the dark conditions.

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In addition, Asus also provides an additional removable flash called LolliFlash owns the shape like lollipop support various colored lights to create unique images. The LolliFlash with 3 color filters include red, yellow and green. Currently, Asus has not officially announced the price of these two accessories, but they will soon be on the market with new Zenfone 2 and Zenfone Zoom devices.

Photo: engadget

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