Asus ROG Swift PG259QN Review: Do Gamers need a 360Hz Display?

Nowadays the trend of increased Hertz monitor has increased considerably. But does it really require a refresh rate higher than 240 Hz? The new ASUS monitor will help you answer this question. The Asus ROG Swift PG259QN draws you from an IPS panel with HDR support and anti-blur technology, in addition to a 360 Hz display. We examine the device in action.

Asus ROG Swift PG259QN Review

ROG is both a brand, a motto, and even an ideology of ASUS gaming products. Since 2006, the devices under the Republic of Gamers logo have been constantly evolving: features have improved, the design has matured, and the quality and reliability of components have improved. Today ROG is the benchmark for gaming hardware and accessories.

From the specs, it is clear that the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN is designed for escorts and competitive fans. Also, it is the first 360 Hz gaming monitor based on the new Fast IPS panel. Actually, until recently, gamers had no choice: if you want to go to esports – take the TN-panel. Because such a fast response and frame rate could not be achieved on other panels. At the same time, we had to keep up with low contrast and poor color reproduction.


The situation is different with the Asus 360hz PG259QN. The 360 hertz monitor offers e-sports response time (1 ms GTG), decent color rendering (98% sRGB), large viewing angles, and contrast ratio at the level of professional IPS display – around 1000: 1.

Record holder

One might say that the 24-inch diagonal is too small by the standards of 2020, but avid e-sportsmen will disagree with this statement. After all, it is the most popular format for competitive sports. This is convenient because most of the display falls into a clear field of view – it is easy to notice an opponent on the perimeter of the screen and place it at gunpoint. As a result, the gamer has better control over the situation and reacts faster to events. And, to be honest, there is not much choice – other panels with similar characteristics are not simply produced. It remains only to find out why such a high Hz is required and whether the difference is visible with the previous 240 Hz flagship.


From a mathematical point of view, the increase is huge: 50% more frames are displayed. If you calculate the actual improvement in seconds, not the abstract percentage, but the gain is not so significant: 240 Hz screens spend 4.16 ms on frame change, and 360 Hz displays spend about 2.8 ms. This difference, which is about 1.4 ms, is not particularly important against the background of input lag monitors, I/O latency from gaming peripherals, and the response time of the human nervous system.

On the other hand, all these numbers are added. So reducing each of them improves the overall result: you react faster than your opponent and win if your arms fall out of your shoulders. Also, the ultra-high Hz ratio allows you to use Black Frame Insertion (BFI) technology and slightly sacrifice the frame rate, increasing picture clarity.


It is logical to assume that such parameters require some agreement in other aspects. The Asus PG259QN has low resolution – standard FHD. However, this is the optimal format for esports. With this resolution, the average graphics card will also be able to deliver over 200 fps in popular subjects, and the flagship can easily produce 300 frames per second. At the same time, the 360 Hz gaming monitor is not specifically turned into a sports device – you can see and create content on it. Color reproduction, contrast, and white balance are fine.


Despite the high switching speed of the LCD shutter, a true 8-bit matrix is ​​used, capable of operating in 10-bit mode via FRC. This feature is particularly needed for HDR, but the extended color range consumes some bandwidth of the video interface. Therefore, you have to choose: 240 Hz with HDR or 360 Hz in normal mode. However, the extended dynamic range is weak here: maximum brightness is declared up to 400 cd / m², and this is the original level so that HDR is typically distinguished from SDR by eye. We’d prefer 600 nits, but that’s not the point.

Displaying HDR colors requires a good factory calibration – and it is there. The Asus ROG Swift PG259QN is suitable for simple work with graphics. Another bonus of HDR support is the use of an IPS panel with high contrast (around 1000: 1). This is why the image is always sharp.

Besides, there is a useful shadow boost option. It adjusts brightness and subtle-contrast in dark game scenes when winning is more important than a beautiful picture. In single-user AAA hits, it is preferable to turn off this function so as not to distort the performance of some scenarios.


Not without traditional gaming chips: for example, a timer, and an FPS counter are better places to choose from. The GamePlus button is responsible for their activation. GameVisual technology also has a dedicated key. This allows you to select one of six ready modes or configure the parameters flexibly. Most importantly, there are two presets for display backlighting.


The first mode is comfortable for the eyes – Flicker-free with backlit without PWM, the second is Esports, using Ultra Low Motion Blur technology to reduce picture blur. The ULMB preset, in turn, offers two options: a maximum number of fps at 360 Hz or the best image clarity, but at a refresh rate of 240 or 144 Hz.

360 Hz gaming monitor

When the Ultra Low Motion Blur is activated, the panel is in sync with the lighted frame refresh. Objects on the screen move in different impulses, between which the picture is filled with black (which is unavoidable for the gamer due to the inertia of vision). Thus, the trails do not remain on the retina when the gaze follows the object, and its image remains clear without blur.


The adjustment of the ASUS ROG SWIFT 360Hz PG259QN monitor is flexible: change the rotation, tilt, and height. Portrait orientation and wall mount are supported. The stand is spacious, but its design with legs allows you to move the keyboard closer to the screen.

Asus 360hz monitor

Controlled by a 5-way joystick and four customizable hot keys. Their icons are located on the side panel – no need to look behind the display. There is a decent menu with large enough fonts.

In addition to HDMI and DisplayPort, there is a hub with two USB ports. The cables can be easily crossed neatly through a special holder in the monitor stand.


It is immediately clear that Asus PG259QN is a representative of the ROG series: they did not save on the material and the complex shape of the case. An expensive monitor doesn’t look like a toy for high school students. Small things are considered: for example, a special coating minimizes the possibility of glare, and the position indicator hides on the bottom edge of the screen frame and does not irritate in the dark.


There is a built-in Aura logo light on the back that syncs with other Aura-compatible devices. Many are addicted to minimalism, but it is gamer chic. The brand’s engineers took great pains to make the monitor look great from both sides.

Final line

The ROG brand is once again advancing the gaming segment. The new record in display refresh rate is good in itself. But the use of a modern HDR IPS panel for this proves that TN panels are in the dustbin of history. Everything else is a nice bonus. HDR with two modes of backlighting, adaptive sync, Blur Reduction Technology, Superior Contrast, and more.

The Asus ROG Swift PG259QN is a versatile gaming monitor, suitable for both playing online sniper games from watching action movies and for immersion in the neon beauty of the Cyberpunk 2077 world.

By the way, in the fourth quarter, there will be an advanced modification of the model with support for NVIDIA Reflex – a technology that measures and optimizes system latency. Of course, all of this will cost decently. Asus ROG Swift PG259QN has been priced at $699 on,, and websites. Top-of-the-line hardware is never cheap, and a display of this level requires an appropriate graphics card – at least an RTX 3060 Ti.

Of course, the monitor is designed for specific tasks, and the average gamer is unlikely to use one hundred percent of its capabilities. But if you like to dominate Esports and stick to trending gaming, the ASUS ROG PG259QN will not disappoint.

If your budget is not that much, then you can also turn to the Gigabyte G32QC (REVIEW) gaming monitor which can be considered one of the best budget 1440P monitors in the market.

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