Asus ROG Gladius III Review: Better Than They Look

In the field of gaming mice, it is difficult to do something fundamentally new. Manufacturers are limited to tiny improvements: improvements in sensors, battery, and ergonomics. And yet, the current gaming mouse wireless models are quite different from the flagships of previous years. A vivid example of this is the third generation Asus ROG Gladius III wireless gaming mouse.

Asus ROG Gladius III Review

The Republic of Gamers brand didn’t immediately take on gaming peripherals but entered the space with a trump card. The first version of the Gladius Mouse, which had top features at the time, became the standard for reliable and effective technology. While competitors suffered a double click, which was treated by replacing the device, ASUS made removable microswitches and took care of an extra pair in the kit. The audience applauded the decision. The second version of the Gladius includes Aura Sync RGB lighting and updated hardware. A little later, the same model appeared, only wireless.

Design and performance

Here we have reviewed the ROG Gladius III. At first glance, it is no different from its predecessors: the same asymmetric shape, wireless modes, replaceable microswitches, and updated hardware. But as soon as you put the old and new stuff together, you notice the originality of the new device.

The body shape has changed: now it is a little more voluminous and is suitable not only for those who prefer a full grip. The device still fits snugly in the palm of your hand, but it’s now easier to hold with your fingers. Therefore, the mouse is also suitable for those people whose hands are frequently raised while playing the game. Asus also changed the material of accessories and rubberized inserts – all this seems more expensive than in previous models.

Asus ROG Gladius III Review

In gaming mice, the speed of registering a click depends on several factors, the main one being the backlash between the button and the microswitch. It is eliminated in different ways, but the ASUS approach turned out to be the most effective: the left and right keys are suspended on a special hinge so that they are constantly in contact with the clicker.

It is useless to describe the feelings of the speed. All we can say is that after using Gladius III, the rest of the mice seem monstrously slow.

Engineers also revamped the filling. They have installed the latest generation optical sensor with a pixel density of 19,000 dpi. Such a prohibitive figure allows the mouse to scan the surface more accurately and track the cursor path better. An average user will hardly notice the difference, but gamers will certainly appreciate it, for whom every millisecond is important.

Unfortunately, all trend sensors have non-switchable smoothing of readings: the microcontroller transmits information about the movement and calculates the average vector for the last few frames taken by the optical system. In older models with 5600 dpi, this led to the effect of a “cursor on an elastic band”: the sensor averaged the readings of the last frame (up to ten!) – and the cursor changed its direction of motion with a delay. Even with a polling rate of 1000 Hz, the problem was visible on the gaming monitor.

Asus ROG Gladius III Review

New wireless gaming mice with supersensitive sensors of 10,000 dpi and more do not suffer from this anymore, because due to the accuracy of the optics, they do not require multi-frame smoothing of readings. And 2-3 frames per second of a mouse sensor at a sampling rate of 1000 times is much less than the time of a single frame even on a 360-Hz screen.

Finally, the Gladius Wireless III has technically improved and reduced weight: it weighs not 125, but 90 grams, which is on par with wired solutions. At the same time, the battery has increased by about a third. The accessory works via Bluetooth for 4-5 days, and via the radio channel for 2-3 days. It takes two hours for the battery to be fully charged. A 15-minute connection to the cable is enough to extend the juice for several hours.


Dual wireless connectivity is a feature of all current ASUS gaming mice. The Gladius model has got this feature from the second generation. The only thing that has changed: the new product knows how to connect via Bluetooth to computers, consoles, and mobile devices and stores the last three gadgets in memory. The 2.4GHz wireless dongle supports cable speed connections. Instant response and 1000Hz polling rate work the same way as USB.

Asus ROG Gladius III Review

With gaming in wireless mode, the situation is ambiguous: the accessory can be discharged at inappropriate times. Not to mention interference and other inconveniences. But for a house, this option is suitable. Plus, it’s very convenient to take the mouse with you without worrying about a cable or USB adapter. Well, Bluetooth is now in any modern laptop.


It’s hard to imagine modern gaming peripherals without adjustable RGB lighting and thousands of other options. And for that you need software, and that’s usually the problem with him. For some manufacturers it is poorly optimized, for others it is complicated and confusing, for others it is often annoying with pop-up connection windows. In this regard, ASUS stands above the competition: the ROG Armory Crate utility is really simple and convenient. Most likely, you have it even if you use a Taiwanese brand laptop or components.

On the Peripheral Controls tab, everything is configured. For example, you can change the sensitivity, sampling rate, angular position, and height of the sensor’s separation from the table at which it stops reading readings. There are also several Gladius-specific features: adjusting the button’s response delay, adjusting the sensor to the work surfaces, indicating a low percentage charge.

The three areas of the Asus Aura Sync lighting are customizable separately. There are several options: starting with the choice of a specific shade and ending with interactive readings of the battery level and feedback to the gamer’s actions.

Final line

Of course, it is difficult to do something fundamentally new in the field of computer peripherals. Still, over the past five years, gaming mice have made a big step forward. Their battery life has increased, fast charging has appeared, performance and ergonomics have improved significantly. The Asus ROG Gladius III wireless gaming mouse also has these advantages.

At first glance, $132 on or £110.01 on for the ROG Gladius III, might seem way too high. You have to actually experience them. If you can get past their simple design, you’ll realize that their looks belie their utility. We also have the “Best Budget Gaming Mouse” buying guide for alternatives for budget gamers.

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