AirPods Max Hands-On, First Impression, Quick Review

This is AirPods Max and we’ve finally got the opportunity to try out Apple’s most expensive headphones. This is the first impression or you can also call it a quick review, so we will give you more information about its designs, and looks, for information about sound, we will tell you in a separate article.

Apple airpods max review


With AirPods Max, we realized for the first time that it is actually much heavier than other Bluetooth headphones we’ve tried. Because most parts of the Apple new headphones are made of metal, ranging from a steel frame to two earcups made of aluminum.

We really liked its luxurious steel frame, it looks premium, and you can pull it out and stretch it to fit the shape of each person’s head easily.

Apple airpods max review

The top of the headband is made of woven fabric and is very soft, when we wear it, almost does not feel at all above the head because it is so smooth and comfortable.

The ear cup is made of very simple aluminum, with no Apple logo or any fancy details. But we think that with this type of aluminum making it is a large array, if it is not kept well, it will be easy to scratch and dent.

The AirPods Max has a fabric earcup, when worn, it is as smooth as a hug pill and not leather like other headphones. So we feel that if we wear it for a long time, it will not allow us to feel uncomfortable. What we like is that the earcups are magnetically surrounded by earrings so that you can easily remove or wear them.

Apple airpods max review

With an easy-to-remove ear cup, you can buy another earbud that Apple is selling for $69 to mix in a different color or replace the new one as time goes on.

Above the right ear, the part includes a digital crown to adjust the volume, play/pause, return to the track/song, as well as activate Siri. The other button is to switch between ANC and Transparency Mode (Crosstalk), you just need to press once and it switches immediately, no need to press and hold.

Lightning port below for charging, and can connect to 3.5mm jack cord for listening to wire connections. According to Apple, AirPods Max has a long battery that can listen for up to 20 hours.

Apple airpods max review

The smart case that comes with this new Apple over ear headphones, also works to save the new Apple headset as well as put the headset in battery saving mode. Enclosing the bag is made of silicone, easy to get dirty, similar to the material made on the smart keyboard for Apple’s iPad.

The inner lining is a micro-fiber-type fur cloth that protects against dust and scratches. We don’t like this smart case because it doesn’t really protect AirPods Max, nor does it reveal too much. The new Apple AirPods Max does not have a power button, so when you insert it into the smart case, it immediately goes into battery saving mode.

According to Apple, when not using AirPods Max, after 8 hours (still in the smart case), AirPods Max will automatically turn off Bluetooth, not having to turn off Find My Location to remove the battery.

Quick AirPods Max Review

Although it is kept heavy, you will not feel heavy when you wear it. As we shared, the earpads are made of soft mesh fabric so it is very comfortable.

Apple airpods max review

Adjusting the digital crown or the switch above would be a bit awkward, but we feel that it is slowly getting used to. When you open the AirPods / AirPods Pro or Beats headphones, it connects to the nearby iPhone / iPad, likewise, AirPods Max is ready to be used as soon as it comes out of the case.

We didn’t have much time to listen to music and share about sound quality, assessing sound quality, our team would share it later. For our feeling, it’s good, easy to hear, that’s it! We feel that AirPods Max’s voice will be suitable for many people’s ears.

The noise canceling mode is really good, with no pressure difference and annoying, AirPods Max’s transparency mode, we see that it hears more environmental sounds than the Airpods pro.

Apple airpods max review

AirPods Max features Adaptive EQ – it can adjust the sound to fit each person’s ear canal for the best sound quality. The microphone on the AirPods Max will act as a measurement of the reflected sound inside the ear canal so that the headphones can analyze and adjust low and mid-range sounds to suit the lowest for each person’s ears.

And the H1 chip’s effect is without touching Siri (hands-free Siri) and at the same time, the connection speed between Apple devices is fast.

AirPods Max also has a spatial audio mode – which surrounds the sound when users watch movies on Apple TV. When you turn your head or rotate your body, the repetition of the sound gives you the feeling of being taken to the scene, very amazing. This feature is naturally available on AirPods Pro, but when you wear AirPods Max to your ears, the experience will improve.

When you don’t hear the music, put the headset down, the music/audio will stop, then play it back. When wearing it over our head, we find ear cups quite large. Maybe we are not used to seeing it at this point, so it would be funny.

It can be purchased via and for $549. All of this is in the AirPods Max box: smart case, USB-C to Lightning, guidebook (without Apple Stickers), a Lightning to Jack 3.5mm cord.

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