Top Reasons to Leave Cookies Enabled in Your Browser

In simple words, all of us grow up hearing that cookies are bad. However, they do have some real-time benefits for the users. Although they can sabotage the privacy of the user, you can still rely on them. Here, we will break down some of the most common myths related to the cookies. Before we move on to discuss this concept, let’s begin with a quick introduction.

What is a Cookie and Cookies

What is a Cookie?

Keep in mind, when we talk about the cookies on the browser, we refer to the HTTP cookies. If you don’t know, this is a small text file stored on the computer by the website. This is inclusive of some basic information such as name, value, and some attributes. If you have any browser on your computer, you will easily see which cookies are installed. Luckily, you can delete tracking cookies as well via personal settings.

Contrary to what most people think, letting some cookies installed on your computer will improve your browsing experience. Here are a few reasons to let them stay a part of your tech device:

1. Online Shopping

If you don’t know, the need for cookies got prevalent when companies had to offer virtual shopping services to customers. Although Netscape was a popular way to store information, it still looked for different ways through which the user’s valuable data could be put in one place. As such, the need for a positive online shopping experience gave birth to cookies. Today, millions of users come across cookies every day. For example, if you visit any online shopping platform, you will come across the cart information still being in place during revisit.

2. Personalized Settings

Because customers often settle for customized settings online, the websites can store that information easily. for example, if you settle for a certain language on the computer system, cookies will remember it no matter if you don’t visit the webpage for months. In contrast, not having cookies will compel you to fill in the information frequently. In simple words, you can load the webpage according to how you left it last time. This is why it is best to consider enabling them for certain websites.

3. Authentication

Out of all the benefits mentioned here, the most important is the use of cookies for authentication. Cookies allow web servers to check if a user is logged in through the website, official application and which account they’re using. In contrast, never using cookies will not enable the website to remember the information that was stored. However, with cookies in place, you can rest assured about the credentials all the time. This saves time and can work as a catalyst.

4. Personalized Content

When you go through different platforms and search for something frequently, cookies identify the kind of content you like. Especially on Amazon, you will see this process in action. This is why you receive suggestions on different platforms with content that is relevant to your searches. It is because of cookies that Amazon has been successful in collecting valuable data about the consumers.

5. Targeted Ads

For your information, using targeted ads is a part of the real world. Although you have the privilege to settle for ad blockers, it is highly recommended that you don’t settle for them. If you are going through ads, you will eventually come across those relevant to your business or work. No wonder all of us get repulsed by going through ads. One major downside of the targeted ads is the tracking aspect. As soon as you get connected to the internet. The companies will receive information related to your searches, location, keywords, demographics, and a lot more.

6. Save Time

One of the leading benefits of allowing cookies to navigate through your browser is to save your information. This means, the next time you need to fill an online form, you won’t have to go through the chaotic process of spending time to fill out all the details. With a single click, it will become easier for you to save a lot of time. Especially if you are a business owner, the saved time could be used elsewhere for expanding your firm. Not to forget, time is money, so it is important for you to make the most out of it. With cookies in place, you can rest assured about the information being discreet and only accessible by yourself.

If you are still not convinced with the concept of cookies being omnipresent, you can go through a Youtube educational tutorial about this concept.

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