Samsung 990 Pro SSD achieves data rates of up to 7450 MB/s and 50 percent better efficiency

Samsung introduced the brand new 990 Pro SSD NVMe M.2, which is more than twice as fast as its predecessor and offers 50 percent higher performance per watt, which is said to extend the battery life of notebooks.

Samsung 990 Pro SSD

The successor to the Samsung 980 Pro (starts from $90 on Amazon) was officially announced. Samsung Pro series increasing from PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 4.0, in conjunction with the latest V-NAND technology, the data rate can be more than doubled. The 990 Pro SSD is based on 3-bit TLC flash memory.

Samsung specifies a maximum sequential read speed of 7,450 MB/s and a maximum write speed is 6,900 MB/s and the random performance has also been improved by 50 percent. The SSD controller has been redesigned from the ground up, allowing Samsung to achieve 50 percent better efficiency compared to the 980 Pro – while consuming just one watt, the SSD can now read up to 1,319 MB instead of just 877 MB.

The controller chip is coated with nickel, the NAND chips have a heat spreader to dissipate heat as effectively as possible. Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard technology prevents the Samsung SSD 990 Pro from overheating, which could shorten its lifespan. Depending on the capacity, Samsung installs 1 GB to 2 GB of LPDDR4 DRAM. Depending on the capacity, the service life is specified as 600 TB or 1,200 TB of written data.

Samsung 990 Pro SSD release date and price

The Samsung 990 Pro SSD is finally available to pre-order on and online e-shops. The recommended retail price for the NVMe M.2 SSD with 1 TB storage is $169.99, and the variant with 2 TB storage costs $289.99. A model with 4 TB memory and a variant with an integrated heat sink and RGB lighting will also be available soon.

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