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Panasonic TV Series with Firefox OS unveiled at CES 2015

Panasonic’s new TV series introduced at CES 2015 is equipped with high-resolution panels, the new Firefox OS operating system allows programmers to develop applications. The 4K Panasonic TV will run Firefox OS. Panasonic said all lines of 4K Smart TV will be pre-installed with the company’s 2015 operating system called Firefox OS. Thus, after Web OS on LG and Android, the Firefox …

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Panasonic introduced the 4K TV AX900 at IFA 2014

4K TV AX900

TV Series Panasonic AX900 each single version launched earlier this year during CES 2014 at the IFA 2014 and it was officially introduced. In addition, Panasonic also introduces a high-end 4K TVs. 4K UHD TV Series Panasonic AX900 pictured above possesses the LED technology, quad-core processor, compatible 4K content on Netflix with a premium design. The Panasonic AX 900 Launch …

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Panasonic VIERA TV – 32inch HD IPS LED TV

Panasonic VIERA TV

Panasonic VIERA 32A410V TV equipped with Super Bright LED IPS panel helps recreate sharper images even where there is light. As the new generation of Panasonic TV, VIERA 32 “LED HD 32A410V brings visual experience more enjoyable thanks to the Backlight Blinking technology. This one is raised up to 100Hz refresh rate and 176 degree wide viewing angle. From there, …

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Panasonic 65-inch TC-65AX800U 4K UHDTV

Panasonic 65-inch TC-65AX800U

Panasonic 65-inch TC-65AX800U design: The design is very classy and chic, Panasonic 65-inch TC-65AX800U TV, latest generation will conquer you right from the first look by styling and impressive design. With the delicate TVs lines Panasonic 65-inch TC-65AX800U not only brighten your home space, but also give you the experience of visual realism and vivid sound possible. TC 65Ax800u Review: Panasonic …

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