Panasonic TV Series with Firefox OS unveiled at CES 2015

Panasonic’s new TV series introduced at CES 2015 is equipped with high-resolution panels, the new Firefox OS operating system allows programmers to develop applications.


The 4K Panasonic TV will run Firefox OS. Panasonic said all lines of 4K Smart TV will be pre-installed with the company’s 2015 operating system called Firefox OS. Thus, after Web OS on LG and Android, the Firefox OS operating system is next taken up in order to bring a smart TV experience for the user. With an integrated operating system, the transmission of content to the TV from other devices also promises simpler and faster than ever before.

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The Panasonic Smart TV Series includes CX850, CX800, CX650, CX600 Series and all will be installed Firefox OS when sold this year. With the new user interface, the Panasonic TV running Firefox OS allows users to transfer content like photos, videos on your TV from other devices via the Firefox browser, as long as they are in the same a WiFi network. In addition, application developers can write applications for Firefox OS to run TV WebAPI functions. Another benefit is that Firefox OS brings messages displayed on the screen of the application, like the way we interact with on a smartphone today.


The Firefox OS on Panasonic TV also quite simple as webOS on the LG TV. It also has a built-in Firefox web browser, app stores and many other applications. In the main interface, Firefox OS is quite simple with three User icon for quick access to the TV. In any screen we can activate the main interface to switch to another window or other programs, it includes round icons with dark color highlights to attract the user’s attention. By default, there will be three main icon screen, but users can also add other applications or a favorite TV channel, similar to the way we attached the main application interface on Android.

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When you click on the list of applications, the Panasonic TV will display a range of applications. It comes with Firefox web browser and Market app store, hoping application developers will make more than one application or platform. Another benefit that Panasonic talk about a Firefox OS Devices that helps transmit wireless from the tablet or smartphone to the TV which is very quick and simple. For example, if you have a tablet installed Firefox browser, you can easily transfer images in which tablet to the TV easily.

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