What to buy for Apple iPhone 7 this Christmas

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were introduced back in September this year, but the news and updates surrounding this device do not fall until now. The device lost the physical “Home” button, 3.5mm audio jack and got a new Black Jet variant. All kinds of accessories for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus flagship smartphones have become more relevant than ever in light of the search for ways of solving current problems of the device. In the new release, we’ll show you how you can use simple accessories to listen to music and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time protect it from scratches and adding support for the dual SIM-card. accessories for iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 display has been improved in all respects, but is it completely resistant to shocks or scratches, nope its not. Various iPhone accessories manufacturers continue to offer a variety of ways to protect the device from front to back. For example, expensive tempered glass allows you to save the shiny surface of the display in any type of environment.

In a medium glass category acquire an improved oleophobic coating, rounded edges for a better tactile feel and ensure maximum transparency without any flaws. 3D curved glasses with full coverage differ exact match display sizes without departing from the edges. 2

Nillkin is well known name for expensive screen protectors, but still quite popular among smartphone owners. This is the most ergonomic and comfortable glass to use with the highest rates of transparency and hardness.

As we all well known, Apple himself recommends to use the cases to protect glossiness of the iPhone 7 Jet Black. However, not everyone will agree to this and hide the most impressive part of the smartphone. So accessories manufacturers understand this and presented a set of dual screen protector, one of which is glued to the screen, and the second – on the rear panel to avoid direct contact with other objects or rough surface. 3

Funny, but have been developed stickers for Touch ID fingerprint scanner, not just a simple transparent stickers, but also with classic patterns, designs and funny cartoon characters.

Another important issue for iPhone 7 is battery life. With the active use of every smartphones to the end of the day we may need to charge it periodically. In that case, we suggest to pay attention to the capacious external portable mobile power banks, such as batteries per 12,000mAh power banks. 4

The battery can be implemented directly in the protective cover to the smartphone continuously made up for lost energy. Different colorful cases with battery pack along with sleek design and soft edges for better grip. 5

Unfortunately, with this new iPhone 7 to charge and listen to music at the same time will not work – for two different purposes offered only one Lightning-connector. To solve this issue we have some special adapters to the traditional 3.5-mm jack and the USB output; and the same with the The same Lightning-headphones.

As we all know that the original Apple AirPods wireless headphones have been released, but will ship after 4 weeks. However, the market already have sufficed wireless headphones, which are not even connected to each other by wires. They are connected via Bluetooth and support work range up to 10 meters. 6

Unexpected and unusual solution – the adapter for the dual SIM-card, which add one more SIM in your iPhone 7. Some of them even works on its own battery and allows easy switching between SIM-cards that can be used for different purposes. This is a simple and affordable way to extend the functionality of the Apple devices.

The Car holder becomes a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes in the car. For example, Car mounts with magnetic clip keeps the smartphone at one touch to quickly switch music tracks or receiving incoming calls. If you feel a magnetic car holder is not the most reliable way to fix an expensive smart phone, pay attention to the mechanical mounts. This ensures additional fixing and security during unexpected braking or sharp turn. 7

Cable to charge is a most accessory than any other, and we always advise you to buy a high quality spare cable with more pins and long length. In this way the cable can be recharged iPhone 7 in a car through a special charger with two USB-outputs and also supports fast charging 3.0 technology from Qualcomm and compact as well.

Desktop charging station with more than five USB-outputs and support for a tablet or smartphone. You can set the home or at work and its a fastest and efficient way to charge your device using single outlet.

Compact stand made of aluminum for the iPhone 7 with the possibility of charging cable. Stand next to the bed is very helpful for quick operate, and it does not matter whether it’s for Apple Watch or classic timepieces. 8

Let us pay attention to the classic ways to protect your smartphone from all kinds of body damage. We have thin silicone cases available in many different variants. For example, a beautiful gradient covers with a transparent rear panel or fully painted in gradient colors lining as well as a single color.

Nillkin Ultra Thin Transparent Nature TPU Cases covers ports to exclude dirt and moisture. You can also opt simplest Silicone Cases without color and other identification elements or Protective covers and cases devoted to Christmas and New Year’s theme.

Girls’s cases for iPhone 7, decorated with sequins, diamonds and other decorative elements Or Vintage style Leather Flip covers with pockets and windows to easily store other accessories or manage incoming calls and notifications. 9

While the Slim book style cases with full body protection and display. If necessary, the cover can be used as a stand for your smartphone. Hard covers with camouflage coloring and reinforced corners to extinguish blow when falling to the ground. Hybrid cases for iPhone 7, providing powerful protection along with anti-shock features.

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