Beyond Instruction: Unexpectedly Creative Applications Of Explainer Videos In Different Industries

Explainer videos have long been heralded as excellent tools for simplifying complex ideas into digestible bits of information. Whether it’s teaching the ABCs to a toddler or explaining how blockchain technology works, these videos serve as efficient methods to disseminate knowledge. However, their utility stretches far beyond basic instructional or informational content. Various industries have recognized the power of these videos to not just explain but also to engage, entertain, and enact change in inventive ways.

Creative Applications Of Explainer Videos

In this post, we’ll explore some unexpectedly creative applications of explainer videos that go beyond instruction to deliver value in entirely new ways.

1. Healthcare: Educating Beyond The Prescription Pad

Healthcare professionals have started using explainer videos for more than just explaining medical procedures and post-care routines to patients. For instance, pharmaceutical companies are now producing videos describing the mechanism of action of medicines. These videos are employed not just for educating medical staff but also to provide patients with a deeper understanding of how a drug affects their body.

The use of animations and graphics in these videos make them engaging and more comfortable to understand, helping to demystify complex biochemical processes. This added layer of engagement can actually improve patient adherence to treatments, as understanding fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility towards one’s health.

2. Retail And ECommerce: Product Stories

Traditionally, retail explainer videos focus on how to use a product. However, many companies are now delving into the backstory of products.

For instance, a clothing brand might release an explainer video that narrates the journey of organic cotton from farm to fashion. Not only does this add depth and character to the product, but it also serves as a subtle but effective marketing strategy by appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers.

3. Software And Tech: Ethical Hacking Tutorials

While most software companies use explainer videos to demonstrate the functionalities of their applications, some are taking an unusual route by producing ethical hacking tutorials. The purpose is to educate the users and IT professionals about potential vulnerabilities in the system.

By showcasing how to “break” the system, these videos essentially help in strengthening it. It’s an unexpected but brilliant strategy to boost the security of the product while educating the public about cybersecurity risks.

4. Non-Profits: Social Cause Gamification

Non-profits usually use explainer videos to elucidate the problems they aim to solve and where donations go. Some innovative organizations are taking it a step further by incorporating elements of gamification into their explainer videos.

For example, a video might engage viewers by asking them to decide the outcome of a story related to the cause, thereby giving them a sense of participation and investment in the solution.

5. Finance And Investment: Emotional Money Management

Explainer videos in the finance sector often focus on explaining intricate investment portfolios and market trends. However, some financial institutions are addressing the emotional aspects of money management through their videos.

Using storytelling techniques, these videos explore the psychology behind spending, saving, and investing, thereby giving viewers insights that can lead to healthier financial habits.


Explainer videos are a multifaceted tool, and their utility is continually expanding as different industries find unique ways to integrate them into their operations. Far from being mere instructional aides, they have evolved into platforms that can entertain, engage, and even enact social change.

By thinking creatively, companies and organizations can leverage these videos to create richer, more meaningful interactions with their audiences. Whether it’s deepening our understanding of medicines or inspiring social change, explainer videos are proving that they have far more to offer than just explanations.

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