Toshiba introduces first Camera Module in the world under Project Ara

Toshiba has just uploaded image details of special camera modules that design for phone camera cluster. Project Ara is an important project of Google for the Next Generation cell phone will be popular in the near future that allows users to easily replace and upgrade each separate part of smartphones such as Camera, CPU, RAM or Battery.


Currently, the Project Ara Modules is still in the process and is expected to debut early next year. Project Ara will allow to build your own phone and customize the devices to meet your individual needs. For example, the user may prefer a device with many features such as upgrade screen for watching movies or read newspapers and also prefer compact and lightweight design as your choices.

This is the first camera module in the world was developed under the project Ara, the camera module is easily fixed on the phone and also easy to remove. Toshiba said it was the beginning stages and they are ready for 2-megapixels, 5-megapixels and 13-megapixels camera module.


The 2-megapixels camera module will act as a front camera and integrated with audio decoder. Meanwhile the rear camera module has a resolution of 5-megapixels and 13-megapixels. The 5-megapixels module with 1.4um pixels. The size of the camera module is 20 x40 x 6.4mm with integrated Image Signal Processor. The 13-megapixels camera module will have similar dimensions as 5-megapixels camera module, but increase thickness of 7.1mm, and is equipped with more features like Full-HD video recording at 120fps. In addition, Toshiba is also developing the 8-megapixels and 20-megapixels cell phone camera module with video recording capability at speeds up to 900 fps in QVGA resolution – 320×240 pixels.


In phase 2, Tohiba is expected to launch the wireless charging, NFC or external memory modules, So you will be able to upgrade each section as you wish, in the same phone, just upgrade the camera really pleased. So you will be able to use their phones for a long time and upgrade costs less than having to buy a new smartphone today.


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