Some successfully use tablets, finding a lot of application scenarios for them. Others still do not understand why this technique is needed, standing somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop. So do you still need a tablet or not? For some people, definitely yes! Here are ten reasons to buy a tablet and make your life easier.

10 Reasons to buy a Tablet

1. The tablet is convenient as an e-reader

Although many have complained that reading from a tablet screen is not comparable to reading from a specialized device with an e-ink screen, and the text on them is not as clear, all these shortcomings have not stopped people from reading e-books, PDFs, comics of long articles from the web, including on tablets. In addition, for example, children’s books are good in color, which Kindle cannot boast of yet.

2. Tablets make it easy to show images and photos

Showing photos with a tablet is very simple and convenient. It can be of great help to insurance agents, insurers and salespeople who have to make presentations to small audiences. Having everything in front of you in a nice little device is much more convenient than traditional laptop presentations.

3. Tablets are great for movies and music

There is nothing better than giving a child who is naughty in the car a tablet with their favorite cartoons. The tablet will cost no more than installing a monitor and DVD in the headrest of a car seat. In addition, you can take your tablet on the plane and enjoy movies during a boring flight.

4. Tablets handle drops better

In the event of a fall, a tablet is much more likely to “survive” than a laptop. Often the most you need after they crash is a quick reboot. Tablets are much easier to tolerate various physical impacts, but what can happen after a fall with a laptop is better not to imagine.

5. The tablet is cheaper than a laptop, but the functions are the same

Is your old big laptop dead? Instead of buying a new one, look at tablets. Often they are even more powerful than modern laptops. In the middle price category, it is very difficult to find a laptop under $500 that would still function normally. Budget laptops start to slow down at any load just above the minimum, and nothing can be done about it. At the same time, in such models everything will be at an average level – a quiet sound, a pale matrix, a little built-in memory. At the same time, a tablet for the same money is quite a powerful, almost top-end model with an excellent screen, loud sound and a reactive processor.

6. Tablets are personal productivity stations

It is very convenient to make a schedule, distribute tasks and plans, and work with email on the large screen of the tablet. And while many of our smartphones can now serve as personal assistants to some extent, tablets are the real comfort in this area.

7. “Smart home” system

In this age of advanced technology, managing your home through gadgets is becoming more and more relevant. Just think, just a few touches on the touch screen of the tablet are enough to turn on the heated floors in the house, start filling the bathtub by the time you arrive, or start the washing machine. In the 21st century, all this has become a reality, and to perform such actions on the tablet, you just need to install the appropriate software. Developers now offer PCF to Azure migration, as well as software and cloud application development that allows you to seamlessly connect and control all the smart gadgets in your home from your tablet.

8. Low energy consumption

Due to the fact that tablets do not have such complex “stuffing” as in a laptop, these devices consume much less energy. If laptops are used for an average of 3-4 hours, most tablets will easily last all day.

9. Ideal for photographers, designers, and architects

When we talk about the presentation of graphics, two things are important to us – high-quality color reproduction and maximum mobility. It is much more convenient to show project examples, drawings, and references while holding a tablet. In the case of a laptop, you will have to look for a place where you can settle down, install equipment, and sit comfortably for all participants in the process. You can transfer a tablet to another person in a split second, it is convenient to move around with it, for example, when it comes to interior design.

10 Reasons to buy a Tablet

10. For those who need to be in touch all the time

If your lifestyle involves constant movement, and work – continuous and urgent involvement in business, then the tablet becomes indispensable. Quickly accept emails and reply to a letter, view urgent documents, and correct files – there are a huge number of tasks that are inconvenient to do from a smartphone, and getting a laptop is long and inconvenient.

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