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Lenovo S90 Sisley: Twin of iPhone 6, Launched in India at Rs. 19,999

Recently, the Lenovo company from China has unveiled its latest smartphone called Lenovo S90 Sisley. Now this smartphone is officially available in India with a price tag of Rs. 19,900. The Lenovo S90 Sisley has slim, aluminum case with monolithic appearance same as iPhone 6, look alike Lenovo Copies iPhone 6. This phone has the same design, This phone is …

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Lenovo Sisley S90 smartphone replica of the iPhone 6

Lenovo Sisley S90

According to Lenovo launched new smartphone called Lenovo Sisley S90 handset is quite similar to Apple iPhone 6, but are sold at quite low prices only $330. Lenovo officially launched this Lenovo Sisley S90 and company also does not hesitate to admit this smartphone is inspired by leading designers of Apple’s iPhone 6. Like in the earlier times leak, Lenovo …

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