Sony unveils ULT Tower 10 as well as ULT Field 7 and ULT Field 1 karaoke speakers

Sony ULT Tower 10 comes with a branded karaoke speaker, microphone, and RGB lighting—everything required for an electrifying party. At the same time, Sony is presenting two much more compact speakers that should still achieve powerful bass.

Sony ULT Tower 10, ULT Field 7, ULT Field 1 portable party karaoke speakers

Sony ULT Tower 10, a super bass karaoke machine, stands 1.1 meters tall, has edges of 42cm, and weighs 29kg. Sony utilizes the ample space to fit four 40-millimeter tweeters and two 80-millimeter midrange drivers. A 320-millimeter woofer is also incorporated to generate powerful bass when used with the “ULT Power Sound” bass boost button.

Using the optical Toslink connector, you can connect the ULT Tower 10 to a television. Alternatively, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and Bluetooth 5.2 including support for Sony LDAC are also available. Sony includes a branded karaoke mic that easily converts the speaker into a karaoke station. You can control the RGB lighting, music playback, and bass boost via the buttons on the top.

Sony ULT Tower 10, ULT Field 7, ULT Field 1 portable party karaoke speakers

For music enthusiasts needing a karaoke portable wireless Bluetooth speaker solution, Sony presents the ULT Field 7—a wireless Bluetooth speaker that boasts impressive features for outdoor use. Measuring 51 x 22 x 22 centimeters and weighing 6.3 kilograms, it isn’t the most compact option. However, its robust 30-hour battery life and waterproof IP67-certified exterior exceptionally suit this speaker for use on the move.

Sony has installed two 46-millimeter tweeters and two 114-millimeter woofers, and this speaker also supports the new “ULT Power Sound” modes, either for deeper or more powerful bass. You can adjust the sound to your wishes using a 7-band equalizer in the associated smartphone app. You can connect devices either via a 3.5 mm connection or Bluetooth 5.2, which includes support for Sony LDAC.

Sony ULT series price and release date

Sony ULT Tower 10, ULT Field 7, ULT Field 1 portable party karaoke speakers

The ULT Field 1 is downright tiny in comparison because the waterproof housing measures only 20.7 x 7.7 x 7.6 centimeters and weighs 650 grams. Nevertheless, Sony advertises a battery life of twelve hours, “ULT Power Sound” and an equalizer. This model has a 16-millimeter tweeter and a rectangular woofer that measures 84 x 42 millimeters. The smallest model supports Bluetooth 5.3 but does without LDAC, RGB lighting, and space optimization.

LG recently introduced the Xboom XL9T, a new and powerful party rocker speaker. Designed to deliver impressive background sound for any occasion, this mobile audio system sets itself apart from the traditional Bluetooth speaker. It is equipped with two small rollers for easy transportation, making it convenient to bring the party anywhere you go. Priced at $799.99.

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