Sony HT-AX7 portable surround sound speaker system with wireless satellites and 30-hour runtime

Sony has ingeniously simplified the notion of a portable surround sound speaker setup with its latest innovation, the HT-AX7 Bluetooth speaker. This innovation arrives alongside two wireless satellites, seamlessly dockable to the base unit. The prospect of effortlessly configuring a surround speaker setup extends to hotel rooms, kitchens, or even cozy bedrooms.

Sony HT-AX7 wireless surround sound speaker setup

The Sony HT-AX7 stands as a beacon of cinematic brilliance, offering a portable cinema home theatre system experience. Its unique allure lies in the integration of two docked satellites that forge a wireless bond with the base unit. This strategic alignment enables the base unit to rest unobtrusively behind the user, consequently amplifying the expansiveness of the sound. Elevating the auditory experience, the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping conjures multiple “phantom loudspeakers,” thereby weaving an intricately three-dimensional sound tapestry.

An ingenious upmixer algorithm undertakes the task of enhancing the spatial dimensionality of stereo content. The comprehensive wireless theater system carries a mere weight of approximately 2 kilograms, embodying its portable essence. Noteworthy longevity is bestowed upon it, promising up to 30 hours of playback time on a single charge, effectively replenished through the convenient USB-C interface.

Facilitating seamless connectivity, Bluetooth 5.2 extends its wireless embrace, albeit with support limited to AAC and SBC codecs. An absence of WiFi functionality precludes the option of content streaming via Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay. Nonetheless, the HT-AX7 flexes its versatility with Bluetooth Multipoint, establishing connections concurrently with two devices.

For the consideration of harmonious coexistence, the night mode offers a diminished bass presence, ensuring amicable neighborly relations. Conversely, the voice mode accentuates dialogues, lending clarity to speech. Sony generously equips users with the Home Entertainment Connect app, a hub for configuring speaker settings and facilitating firmware updates. Alternatively, tactile control resides within the buttons adorning the summit of the base unit, granting immediate command over music playback and volume.

Sony HT-AX7 price and release date

Enthusiasts can now seize the opportunity to embrace the future of immersive audio, as the Sony HT-AX7 wireless theater system is available for pre-order on the esteemed platform, priced at £499. The eagerly anticipated deliveries are projected to commence in August 2023.

On a parallel note, Yamaha has embarked on a pioneering journey with the Yamaha True X, a versatile Dolby Atmos audio system boasting wireless attributes. This ingenious setup encompasses a soundbar, complemented by an optional subwoofer, further accompanied by Bluetooth speakers, together orchestrating a harmonious symphony of Dolby Atmos surround sound. Envisioned to unveil its sonic prowess in August 2023, the Yamaha True X wireless surround system commands a price of $499.95.

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