Sony 4K ultra-thin TV will debut in this Summer

Now new 4K Televisions market with a series of exciting products from major brands. However, the design of previous generation 4K TVs have not very impressive and thin. Sony has said it will prepare the launch of the new generation 4K Ultra Slim Televisions with the same size of the Smartphones.Sony-4K-ultra-thin-TV-

Sony said the third edition of new Sony 4K TV 2015, 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch with an ultra slim design will be launched this summer. And these new 4K TVs will be designed to completely remove the bezel rim. They also add that new generation 4K ultra-thin TV will use the Android operating system of Google TV, allowing users full access to the Google Play store, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon and much more.

The entire Sony Ultra HD 4K TV series also supports Google Cast service, allowing users to transfer data from smartphones, tablets, and computers to TV very quickly and easily. Sony also equipped with a voice search function with new One Flick. Sony has also supported PlayStation Now service for the game. This service streaming technology based on Sony’s cloud environment to allow users to play PlayStation 3 games without a DualShock controller.

The new product line of Sony 4K ultra-thin TV includes 6 models with different sizes and price, the smallest TV with 43 inch size and corresponding price $ 1,299.99 and the biggest model with 75-inch priced at $ 7,999.99.Sony-4K-TV-2015

Sony did not mention the price for the Sony Ultra Thin TV – X900C 55 inch and the 65 inch model, Ultra Thin LED TV in the world, but this product will go on sale this summer. This Sony Ultra Thin Televisions is a worth waiting for only about its thickness of only 5.08mm, same as any thin smartphones. This Sony 4K ultra-thin TV using the technology “Vanishing Edge” screen technology that fills picture on the whole screen. Also Triluminos technology, these Sony 4K Ultra Television are also equipped with color correction can make the colors become more vivid and brings most vivid visual experience.

Sony has introduced new 11 Sony Ultra 4K TV at CES 2015, with sizes from 43 inches to 75 inches. This 4K Ultra HD TV product line started selling in May, the which cheapest model is X830C, $ 1299 for the 43 inch and $ 1,599 for 49-inch screen.

More advanced in three dimensions Bravia X850C 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch priced at $ 2,199, $ 3,499 and $ 4,999 respectively. Triluminos Technology and 4K X1 processor are the highlight of this product can help a wide range of colors to show images with depth.

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