Anker Solix C800 and C800 Plus portable and durable power stations

Anker has released two versions of a new power station. Specifically, they have introduced the Solix C800 and Solix C800 Plus. These power stations are particularly useful for camping due to their long-lasting storage cells.

Anker Solix C800 Plus price and availability

Anker has introduced two new models to its collection of power stations. The Solix C800 and Solix C800 Plus are very similar, with the Plus version offering additional features for camping, such as a tripod thread and a camping lamp. You can use the 100-centimeter long tripod for lighting and mounting a camera.

The Solix C800 and Solix C800 Plus are medium-sized power stations, each measuring 371 x 205 x 253 millimeters, with a weight of 10.9 kilograms. What sets them apart is their capacity, offering an impressive 768 Wh. Notably, Anker utilizes lithium iron phosphate cells, which are renowned for their durability. Moreover, these power stations boast a service life estimation of 3,000 charging cycles, which ensures a significant remaining capacity. Furthermore, temperature monitoring and physical damage protection are integral features of these power stations.

Charging is remarkably fast, with a 1,100-watt plug reaching a full charge in just 58 minutes. Solar charging is possible with up to 300 watts. The power stations provide three sockets and can output up to 1,200 watts continuously, and up to 1,600 watts for brief periods. Additionally, there is a USB Type C port with a maximum output power of 100 watts, another Type C output with 30 watts, and two USB Type-A outputs capable of charging devices with 12 watts. The on-board voltage output delivers up to 120 watts.

Anker Solix C800 & Solix C800 Plus price and availability

The Solix C800 is priced at $599, and the Solix C800 Plus is available for $649 on Customers in the UK can enjoy a discount of up to £150 on for the C800 Plus. You can control and monitor the devices through a dedicated app using WiFi and Bluetooth.

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In addition, Anker has unveiled the high-powered Solix F3800, a solar-powered backup generator designed for residential use. This backup home system can power entire households and even charge electric cars. Currently, the product is available on Amazon with significant discounts of up to $1,898.

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