Samsung SUHD TV with Tizen OS and PlayStation Now at CES 2015

Korean electronics said SUHD is a high standard technology, bringing a completely new experience for TV viewers.
Samsung has not explained the letter “S” means nothing but emphasize SUHD achieve contrast, brightness and color reproduction capability better. The system automatically analyzes the brightness of images to optimize power consumption while maintaining high quality display with deeper black. Samsung SUHD been confirmed to 2.5 times higher brightness of traditional TV.

In a recent billboard at CES 2015, the Samsung also revealed a few details about the appearance of The new Samsung SUHD TV.


Korean electronics will initially marketed new three Samsung SUHD TV code name JS9500, JS8500 and JS900 with 9 different screen sizes – 48 inches to 88 inches. This will be the most advanced TVs from Samsung and expected very high price.

In terms of design, all models are equipped UHD curved screen to improve the viewing angle. These products may also use Tizen operating system developed by Samsung. Tizen OS is an open source platform has been normalized, helps application developers to more easily create compatible content.

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On the new line of Samsung SUHD TV, Smart Hub interface has been redesigned, displayed on the same screen allows users to easily search and access content, supporting the four-way controller.


Samsung SUHD TV product line in 2015 will include new features such as PlayStation Now – fully carry most of the game on the PS3 to the TV without the need to buy a console, the new system helps Wifi-Direct transmission quick and easy data from a mobile device to the TV, the SmartHub system completely redesigned, and many more.

To demonstrate the ability of new standard technology, Samsung has teamed up with 20th Century Fox movie studio to customize the content of this standard.

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Through Wi-Fi Direct, users can quickly share content from mobile devices to the Samsung Smart TV with just one click. Bluetooth Low Energy Features – BLE allows the TV automatically searches for the mobile device to connect the Samsung nearby. Thus, users can watch TV channels, including live shows, even on mobile devices anywhere in the home, even if the TV is off.


The new Samsung SUHD TV of the South Korean company also has built a number of separate applications and games like Sports Live, PlayStation Now, Just Dance Now, Bingo home etc.

Make sure you know Samsung has made great efforts in terms of power and money of Tizen OS. An operating system that they want it to be its own ecosystem and not just in the phone system that includes SmartHome, SmartCity, televisions, cars, electronics, communications, Internet etc.

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