Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Review: Best Entertainment Tablet

Samsung continues to launch a new Galaxy Tab A tablet series. Let’s find out what interesting things are filling in this unexpected release of the Samsung tablet series.

Currently there are two versions of the Galaxy Tab A presence on the market, a named Tab A 8.0 and one named Tab A 9.7. The two versions differ only in screen size of 8 and 9.7 inch, the details and the rest is almost the same. In this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Review, we only used Samsung Tab A 8.0.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is a mid-range tablet with 8-inch screen. Learn from experience after many mistakes in design, this time Samsung has opted better design for a Tab A series with aluminum rims really surrounds the body combined with plastic casing on the back rough.Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Review: Best Entertainment Tablet

This new design really gives the strong look to the tablet than the previous products have metal edges. The Galaxy Tab A 8.0 dimension is 208.3 x 137.9 size x 7.4 mm, Tab A 8.0 even thinner than the iPad Mini 3 (7.5 mm), however, due to its contour larger screen height and width should not be compared to the iPad Mini 3.

The front of the tablet with a classic style, it has a physical Home key, and two touch menu keys. Above the screen is the speaker (Tab A 8.0 can call or message same as phone), the sensor and the camera, and the top with the Samsung logo. At the back part is well processed, have a certain roughness to stick and very easy to hold in one hand. You can easily pay attention to emerging camera with a pretty style same as Galaxy S6 line.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-A-Review

This camera has a resolution of 5-megapixel, but no flash support. Another detail worth noting on the back, which is the S Pen. Galaxy Tab A fitted as Premium Note S Pen line. Left edge and top edge completely empty. The right side with the power key, the volume is offset above the bottom near the memory card slot and SIM slot. The bottom has speakerphone, microphone, headphone jack and a micro USB port.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 using a TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and pixel density of 160ppi. Disappointing figures compared with a mid-range priced products. In return, the color, brightness and viewing angles of the screen are very accurate.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-A-Camera

Display with a vivid color and high saturation which is pleasing for eye. High brightness can be used in the sun and also extremely reduced to use comfortably at night. Colors are preserved even if you look from the perspective no matter what. The screen of Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is quite balanced with power management to save battery.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chip, a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, Adreno 306 graphics, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, 128 GB memory card support, and runs Android 5.0.2 based on a new TouchWiz interface.

With the development of technology in general and in particular hardware components, now an intermediate product can also operate somewhat par with the flagship. The same is true with Galaxy Tab A 8.0. You can be assured of the ability to process heavy gaming and multitasking applications.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-A-Performance

Samsung has really done a lot of effort to simplify and optimize the TouchWiz interface with Android 5.0 operating system. From the home screen, you swipe to the right to access the Briefing – news reader application based on the famous Flipboard. Instead of a direct integration Flipboard.

The highlight of this product configuration is a device with a 2 GB of RAM and Tab A did not cause the phenomenon of being lag during use, thanks to the large capacity of RAM.

If you have concerns about that the mid-range products can not load the heavy game, then now this is no longer with Galaxy Tab A 8.0. Instead, you should consider whether they can play games at the highest graphics or not? And for Tab A, when tested the device with Asphalt 8 game, the game load very fast which is very impressive.

Next is during the race, fortunately, Galaxy Tab A has no signs of any single lag. Even if you’re in the rough, run at high speed or high angle to the graphics. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 not bring better graphics capability, but in return the tablet works very stable and smooth. Of course, some restrictions remain, if you are someone who likes to play heavy games with high graphics and require perfect show then Tab A is not an appropriate choice. As for the performance of demanding tasks, different apps or multitasking the Tab A still meet from good to very good even with a very modest configuration.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is features a 8-megapixel rear camera without flash. Like any other camera on smartphones and tablets, this camera also captures sharp and clear pictures in bright light conditions. The pictures have natural color, but still somewhat lacking sense of depth and detail.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-A-Battery

It has a 2-megapixel front camera for selfie picture and video calling.

Really, if you compare the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 camera in the mid-range tablet segment, the camera what gives this product quite good. You will have a 5 MP resolution camera which provides impressive detail, with a high quality image in different lighting conditions. Its weak point is still within the limits of a tablet, not comparable with smartphones. However, this is too stable to enable users to comfortably take a picture with Tab A without fear of poor quality images.


Samsung partnered with Microsoft to provide some default office applications for Galaxy Tab A 8.0. You will have OneNote to take notes, OneDrive to store data and Skype to chat with your friends right from when you open the device.Galaxy-Tab-A-Review

Samsung also more flexible when to turn off some unused applications, some but not all. Whatever we can’t close them completely but at least they will not require updating or unwanted push messages for you.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is coming with a 4200 mAh battery, moderate size compared with 8-inch tablet. Since the time we have used the tablet should not much regret that we cannot give you a lot of data on battery, one of the leading concerns.

During testing, we always put the highest brightness, turn off the battery saving mode, always turn on wifi and do not use SIM. The overnight use for about 7 hours, the battery consumption of 10%. This level is slightly higher than expected.

We can continuous play heavy games up to 3 hours and 30 minutes, the battery from 100% to 16%. The maximum usable time with all types of heavy tasks and apps, the Tab A 8.0 can work approximately up to 4 hours, which is not bad at all.

Continuously plays HD video around 6 hours, 95% battery drain. During use, the body temperature recorded by CPU-Z is only in the range of 42 to 44 degrees, so you can be assured of comfort if you hold it for a long time.

With super saving mode to save battery, the tablet at 16% battery can last up to 1.4 days or 20% of the battery can last up to 1.6 days.

Final line:

After the whole experience of gaming, watching movies or listening to music, we can comment that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 completely fulfill the entertainment needs of the user. You can play heavy games with this tablet, sharp and bright screen for watching movies and listening to music speakers are also good.

Besides the all strong points, we also have to accept the weaknesses of the tablet which cannot meet the highest level of graphics, low pixel density and slightly smaller speakers. Anyway, the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 tablet is also an interesting innovation from Samsung and is worth a try even though in terms of work or entertainment.

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