Runeblade: RPG Game for Apple Watch

Apple Watch has sold out, and the game for it also began to appear online.Runeblade--RPG-Game-for-Apple-Watch

One of the first games to play on Apple Watch is called Runeblade, genre Fantasy RPG. This game development company named Everywear Games exclusively for Apple Watch and Watch will run independently without having to resort to the iPhone. Playing games on the Watch but the concern about the battery for now we don’t know how much battery drain during game play. Here is the trailer of the game.

The Runeblade Game for Apple Watch will be free for download in April, but it was unclear whether the game will have a similar form as In-App Purchase or not. Everywear firm also added that this is just a small game and have a very simple game play, the game load in just 10 to 15 seconds. According to the recent evolution of The Apple Watch battery with one day capacity, of course, there is no game, if there are more games than the battery will drain fast.

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  1. Short play RPG games sounds really compelling. Our Apple Watch gaming studio is focusing on casual mini games like Berry Quest, Blackjack Mini, and Football Twos. We agree with the mindset of short 10-15 second session games. Players are going to have a great time! Sorry to employers and managers :).

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