RODE launches Wireless GO II Wireless Microphone system With 2-person Recording, File storage

Audio brand Rode has released the next version of the wireless microphone system called Wireless GO II. The new version of the compact wireless mic line that is popular in the world of YouTube makers has been upgraded to many features, most notably the set of products that support two channels to receive microphone signals suitable for two people to chat in a video.

Rode Wireless GO II wireless mic

Wireless GO II includes 2 pre-paired signal receivers with a 2.4 GHz frequency band to receive digital signals for distances up to 200 meters. RODE says it has improved signal noise in high RF environments thanks to the Series IV switcher inside the Wireless GO II.

On the receiver, Wireless GO II also improved the design to help block the wind filter for the built-in microphone, which was complained of being easy to fall on the first generation. In addition to the wireless mic with the integrated polar pattern, the Wireless GO II still supports a 3.5mm TRS port for connecting removable microphones.

The RODE offers an interesting solution that is to optionally save the audio file to a transmitter as a function of a voice recorder. With 4GB of memory, users can store recorded content for up to 24 hours, with an option to uncompressed files. The files are extracted using RODE Central app on the computer via a USB-C port.

Rode Wireless GO II wireless mic

The presence of two audio receivers gives the receiver the added functionality to monitor 2 independent audio channels, as well as monitor battery health, signal quality, and sound intensity. RODE also offers a choice of recording styles including mono or stereo mixing, depending on user needs.

A valuable upgrade feature is the digital output port that allows users to connect RODE directly to a computer via USB-C for recording. Along with that, the USB-C port also connects directly to the Lightning port of the iPhone or USB-C on some phones that no longer have a 3.5mm connection. RODE has responded to changes made by mobile devices to better serve the needs of users.

The RODE Central app on your computer allows users to enable file saving on the transmitter-receiver. Along with that, the audio adjustment features in the receiver are also controlled more intuitively and quickly.

The Rode Wireless GO II wireless microphone system started to be sold on store at the time of its introduction with a price tag of $299, about $100 higher than the previous version, but in return, the brothers will have a transmitter-receiver with a microphone and integrated memory storage and many features introduced. If you have a choice of a 1-microphone version with advanced features like the II generation, the Rode Wireless GO II will be even more attractive.

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