Roborock Qrevo S vacuum robot for mopping offers higher suction power

There is a new vacuum robot for mopping and sweeping from Roborock technology. The manufacturer has launched the Roborock Qrevo S. This starts with a discount and offers, among other things, higher suction power, two rotating mops, and a comprehensive cleaning station.

Roborock Qrevo S robot mop cleaner price

Among other things, the suction power has increased to 7,000 Pa, which is 1,500 Pa higher than the first Qrevo. It also offers a wiping function with two rotating mops and LiDAR laser navigation including obstacle detection which is common in this price range today.

Buyers don’t have to do without a cleaning station either. The multifunctional dock not only vacuums the dust container, but also washes the mopping unit, but does without the hot water that has recently been used frequently. Hot air drying then takes place. Compared to the more expensive Qrevo Pro and Qrevo MaxV models, buyers have to do without the extendable mop.

Featuring a 10mm automatic mop lifting system, this Roborock home mop cleaner seamlessly switches between vacuuming carpets and mopping floors. It also lifts the mop automatically when returning to the dock, ensuring a thorough clean in one go without leaving any dirty streaks on your floors.

Roborock Qrevo S robot mop cleaner price and availability

Roborock has brought a new vacuum robot for mopping and sweeping onto the market – but initially only in the USA. The Qrevo series consists of the first Qrevo ($769.99 on Amazon) and the Qrevo MaxV ($1,399.99 on Amazon).

The new Roborock Qrevo S, priced at $799.99 on Amazon online e shop, occupies the lower end of the model range but launches at a discounted price of $699.99. That’s a manageable price considering the features. It is available in black and white. The Qrevo S, launched as a successor to the original 2023 model, introduces selective improvements.

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