PNY CS3150: High-Speed SSD with Effective Cooling and Personalized Lighting

PNY has released a new high-performance SSD that offers fast connectivity to computer systems. The PNY CS3150 comes with an extensive cooling solution and customizable lighting, which may interest users with already well-lit systems.

pny cs3150 price in usa

The CS3150 is a high-end product, as evident from the product image. In addition to a small heat sink, it features active cooling and a large heat sink. This combination ensures efficient cooling performance, maintaining high data transfer rates over extended periods without throttling. However, this enhanced cooling comes with some compatibility limitations. It does not support mounting in notebooks, and compatibility issues may arise with motherboard cooling solutions for SSDs.

The multi-stage cooling system directs waste heat to an airflow-enabled heat sink, achieved through two small coolers. PNY has not disclosed the maximum volume yet, but it’s worth noting that smaller fans tend to generate more noise due to their higher operating speeds compared to larger fans.

The corresponding model version of the SSD includes LED lighting above the heat sink. Users can customize and control the RGB lighting. They control the RGB lighting through a 9-pin USB header, while the fans are connected using a 4-pin connection.

The SSD itself utilizes four PCIe Gen 5 lanes for connectivity. It delivers a maximum sequential data transfer rate of 12,000 Mbyte/s for reading and 11,000 Mbyte/s for writing. These values are typically specified for sequential transfers, such as copying a single large file. Random data access, which is important in practical usage, may not consistently reach these speeds. Please note that these values apply to the larger model version.

PNY CS3150 price and availability

PNY CS3150 is available for purchase on at a price of $189.99. The RGB version requires an additional charge of $10.

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In comparison, Samsung recently introduced the 990 EVO SSD, which supports both PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 connections, providing increased flexibility and future-proofing. This unique feature makes the Samsung PCIe 5.0 M.2 suitable for various applications, including laptops and the Sony PlayStation 5. The pricing for the Samsung 990 EVO starts from $124.99.

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