Google Pixel Watch 2 with three new sensors and a longer battery life

Prepare to be captivated by the astounding enhancements in the Pixel Watch 2 2023, as Google unveils a reimagined smartwatch experience. This innovative device boasts a meticulously refined case, a remarkably robust processor, extended battery longevity, and a plethora of novel features, all destined to elevate your wearable technology journey. Among its remarkable features are three cutting-edge sensors, including skin temperature and the innovative cEDA sensor.

Google Pixel Watch 2 price and release date

Alongside the eagerly anticipated Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the all-new Google Pixel Watch 2 debuts with a redesigned casing that bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor while embracing an environmentally conscious shift.

Crafted from recycled aluminum, the watch exudes sophistication and durability, a departure from the stainless steel construction of the initial Pixel Watch. Compatibility remains intact with the first-generation bands, although Google introduces a slew of fresh band options, including a sleek metal link band, catering to diverse preferences.

Experience extended battery life as Google pledges optimized performance. The Pixel Watch 2 promises a commendable 24-hour runtime, akin to its predecessor. However, this endurance is now achievable even during more intensive usage, coupled with an active always-on display.

Charging efficiency leaps forward, enabling users to garner 12 hours of usage with a mere 30-minute charge. Powering these impressive capabilities is the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 and 2 GB of RAM, ensuring a seamless performance upgrade. Wear OS 4 takes a significant stride forward, particularly benefiting third-party apps, which now run noticeably smoother on this advanced wearable device.

Google Pixel Watch 2 price and release date

The device’s circular AMOLED display, measuring 1.2 inches diagonally, remains a visual delight. While the resolution slightly decreases to 384 x 384 pixels, this move is orchestrated to optimize power consumption, ensuring an enduring user experience.

Beyond the processor, the sensors constitute the most significant enhancement of the Pixel Watch Gen 2. Google pioneers a skin temperature sensor, enhancing cycle and sleep tracking precision. Furthermore, the introduction of the cEDA sensor allows continuous monitoring of the wearer’s stress level by measuring skin electrical activity, revolutionizing stress management.

In fitness tracking, the heart rate sensor receives a significant overhaul. Equipped with ten times more optical channels, it delivers a staggering 40 percent improvement in precision during strenuous workouts, setting new benchmarks for accurate heart rate monitoring. While the Pixel Watch 2 offers unparalleled features, it distinguishes itself by omitting certain elements found in competitors, such as the ECG, BIA sensor, and blood pressure measurement seen in the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 (Hands-On).

Google Pixel Watch 2 price and release date

Enhancing its versatility, the Pixel Watch 2 boasts water resistance up to 5 ATM, ensuring it remains functional even during swimming sessions. Seamlessly integrating into everyday life, the device is equipped with an NFC chip and Google Wallet, enabling effortless and secure contactless payments. Furthermore, Google elevates fitness tracking through a deep Fitbit integration facilitated by the new Fitbit app. This integration includes an AI chatbot, poised to provide insightful workout tips in the coming year.

Google Pixel Watch 2 price and release date

Excitingly, the Google Pixel Watch 2 is now available for pre-order on and Enthusiasts can choose between the Wi-Fi model at $349.99 / £349 or the LTE-enabled variant at $399.99 / £399. The much-anticipated delivery kicks off on October 12th, presenting users with a myriad of choices with the watch case available in classic black, elegant silver, or opulent gold. As a bonus, buyers receive six months of Fitbit Premium and one month of YouTube Music Premium for free, ensuring a holistic and rewarding smartwatch experience.

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