Philips 4K UHD TV with Android OS ready to launch in India

Recently, announced a new range of 4K TVs at IFA event 2014, now Philips plans to launch their latest Smart TV in India.

The new arrival of a Philips 4K UHD TV on the premium segment market, new product lines are owned different three types of resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels – known as a 4K, Ultra HD and UHD that are gradually popular among the consumers.Philips-4K-UHD-TV-with-Android-OS-ready-to-launch-in-India

This time Philips 4K TV come with a new technology called Philips Ambilight TV, Ambilight technology systems integration rear LED screens and shiny shades coincides with the image being displayed on the TV. This technology helps increase user status of the image. In addition, Philips Televisions with Ambilight – during Cricket or Football matches, Ambilight can be changed to match the color of the team jersey that viewers prefer to make the game more attractive.

The Phillips manufactures also added that “Ambilight technology is currently on a beginning segment, a next generation back lighting system called Afterglow”. Afterglow one step further in the background task lighting. It not only displays the strongest shades in the frame, it displays the version of blurred images of the frame and spread things around the edges TV.

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According to representatives of Phillips, Philips has now ready to launch their 4K UHD Televisions in India for many users’ preferences. Currently there are three sizes will be available for costumers, 50-inch, 58-inch and 65-inches will be priced starting from Rs. 1,55,000 to Rs. 3,72,000.Philips-4K-UHD-TV-Price

The 4K TV is a rare thing in common household users, and 4K TV Android is even more rare. But there still is not a utopia by Philips has equipped Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on their new products. Representing manufacturers said, This is the first feature from smart mobile devices are put on TV, even the TV supports 4K resolution. Smart TV will be elevated to new heights. Indeed, smart features turn into TV entertainment center is a more advanced display devices because it runs apps, games, social networking and perform many other tasks.

Besides, the new Philips 4K UHD TV labeled Google certified, meaning that the device is compatible with any application written for Android smart TV apps on Google Play Market. Although there are a number of specialized applications for Philips 4K UHD TV. Currently, the Philips Android 4K TV is equipped with many popular applications like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox as well as the default Google applications, including regular search, voice search, Chrome, services movies or music and many more.

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