Nikon introduces Hot Shoe ASC-01 accessories made from stainless steel

Hot Shoe Cap on the camera is one of the most important exposure because this is where the camera associated with accessories like flash, trigger etc.


So Nikon has introduced a new accessory that ASC-01 made ​​from stainless steel with protection, anti-scratch, anti-rust for hot shoe cap. This Camera Hot Shoe Accessories made from plastic also very popular and it has sold out at market. However, Nikon user wants to use more genuine and when attached to the camera must be look better, so for this reason Nikon made this Hot Shoe Adapter ASC-01 stainless steel Hot Shoe cover.

Nikon-introduces-Hot-Shoe-ASC-01-accessories-made-from-stainless-steel Nikon-Hot-Shoe-ASC-01-accessories

Currently this Camera Hot Shoe Mount is officially sold only in Japan, but users can order via online shop called Ebay. Price of the Nikon shoe cap ASC-01 is around $ 37.

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