Nikon D5300 SLR Camera : Perfect for this Diwali

With excellent image quality of the Nikon D5300, fast performance and a great feature, Nikon have succeeded in improving one big camera called D5200.

Nikon D5300

As one the least expensive camera, but it uses one optical sensor without low-pass filter (OLPF), the Nikon D5300 delivers sharp images than most cameras in the same division. This camera body is designed to improve athletic style with slightly larger LCD screen with high resolution than its predecessor, integrated Wi-Fi and GPS, combined with one stereo microphone. It uses the latest version of the processor Nikon EXPEED image, allowing the addition of video in 1080/60p, stop adding ISO sensitivity, D5300 also has a new battery and HDR. Also, comes with new kit lens, 18-140mm f3.5-5.6 flexible than 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 comes with D5200.

Nikon’s default settings provide a good balance between accuracy, saturation and contrast up slightly, but not enough to cause color change, or cut severely in the shadow or highlight areas. The bigger issue is the functional matrix metering, which like the D5200, tends to underexpose.


With one of the design changes from the Nikon D5200 Body, D5300 still brings comfort and reasonable. It’s smaller and lighter. On the top right of the camera with the dial mode, with the usual manual, semi manual and automatic mode and Live View switch extending from it. Movie button, info button, and the exposure compensation button behind the shutter button and switch in combination with each other. The information button – not to be confused with the information button on the top – will return the display interactive information, where you adjust most of your shooting settings. I still like to have one button for thumb operation, and the small buttons to perceive, navigate, and most difficult to work with even than last year’s version. But overall the camera is quite reasonable.

Nikon D5300


Nikon D5300 has a lot of good and extra features, including intermittent shooting, the shooting yen (rare in this camera segment), and set of effects. While the camera’s GPS tend to locate in Manhattan, D5300 seems oddly random than, for example, at one point it tagged my place when I’m on the opposite side to the north, but not necessarily south, standing in the first place. It also or signal loss, so six shots keep one set of photos tagged properly will not have location information.

Nikon D5300

Wi-fi connection seems quite perfect, though the camera really needs one button access directly rather than searching in the menu or support for NFC to enable quick setup. However, the connection with the Apple and Android devices are pretty easy.


Autofocus system is not changed, but the Nikon D5300 uses the next generation of image processing chip. The result is similar as D5200 but overall performance is good. As with the D5200, the lens cap is slowly proving knots in speed autofocus, even with the kit lens 18-140mm. But it’s fast enough for personal or family photographs.

It takes about 0.3 seconds to launch, focus, and shoot, time to focus and shoot in about 0.6 seconds in good conditions and bad light. Light autofocus proved the most notable improvements in the D5200. The flash is activated in at 0.7 seconds is still pretty fast. Perform continuous shooting at 5.1fps with D5200 for unlimited JPEGs with D5300 little disappointed at 4.7fps.

Unfortunately, Live View autofocus is quite slow to use, and wide area AF is too large – AF also shakes while shooting video. The viewfinder is a pretty good upgrade for this camera, the larger resolution LCD screen is also very good.

The image quality:

Nikon D5300 delivers excellent photo quality than its price. Although it does not have the widest range of colors, but it creates high, sharp images with excellent color and JPEG images really well even in low light conditions, it’s as good as the Fujifilm X -M1 and may be better for higher resolution. Pretty much better than the D5200 at each ISO sensitivity.

Nikon D5300

Because of a lack of sensor anti-aliasing filter, the image retains great clarity. JPEG looks bright at ISO 800, ISO 1600, and quite good at ISO 3200 while showing plenty of detail degradation, it is still pretty good in the lights, and many people still can use ISO 6400 for the better photos, even in print at 13×19 size. During installation are encouraged to contact the next adjustment, You can not improve the handling of JPEG and reduce any noise in any ISO sensitivity.


Lens kit that recommend is the 18-140mm lens, cost nearly $ 1,100, can be reduced to less than $ 1,000 in mid-2014, Nikon D5300 Pricing now between Rs. 45,000 to 48,500, but it may be worth doing the good. Although the lens is 1 18-140mm still slow kit lens, it’s better and more flexible than the 18-55mm, and it’s better than the 18-105mm lens. The picture quality of the camera when compared to the more expensive D7100, it’s good enough. Compared with the best model to compete with it for a reasonable price, so Nikon D5300 was chosen as the Editor’s Choice Award.

Nikon D5300 Specs:

  • Dimensions of 125x98x76mm
  • Weight of 480g
  • LCD Display of 3 inches
  • 24 Megapixel
  • Resolution of 6000×4000 pixels
  • Focal Length of 1.5 ×
  • Shutter Speed about 30-1/4000sec
  • Sensor Size of 23.5×15.6mm
  • Image Sensor type CMOS
  • Video Recording Mode 1080p
  • ISO Auto, 100-12800
  • Built-in GPS, Face detection,Timelapse recording, Full HD Movie Clips
  • Connectivity of USB, WIFI, AV output and HDMI
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