NEC PA1705UL 3LCD laser projector has an impressive 17,000 lumens

The NEC PA1705UL 3LCD laser projector is renowned for its exceptional brightness. Designed to illuminate even the grandest projections or thrive in daylight conditions, this projector’s paramount feature is its luminosity.

NEC PA1705UL 3LCD projector price

The unveiling of the NEC NP-PA1705UL 3LCD laser projector transpired some time ago. In terms of brightness, the manufacturer provides two distinct measurements. The typical brightness is marked at 16,000 lumens, while the pinnacle reaches 17,000 lumens. It is crucial to note that achieving this zenith of brightness is confined to the projection’s central region.

This remarkable luminance bestows upon the projector the capacity to splendidly present expansive visuals while preserving an acceptable radiance. It becomes an ideal candidate for deployment in well-lit environments. The alteration of projection ratio can be executed through compatible lenses, with support for motorized zoom lenses. The lens options furnish projection ratios spanning from 0.86-1.25:1, 1.24-2.01:1, to 1.98-3.95:1. The projection range extends from 1.09 to 43 meters, encompassing the projection of images spanning several hundred inches.

Facilitating flexibility during setup, keystone correction is at one’s disposal. Operating within normal parameters, the projector emits sound at 43 dB and consumes a considerable 1,035 watts. The lamp’s longevity is specified at 20,000 hours.

NEC PA1705UL 3LCD projector price

While the NP-PA1705UL is theoretically capable of handling 4K content, its native resolution settles at 1,920×1,200 pixels, aligned with the WUXGA standard. The projector, bearing dimensions of 599 x 490 x 238 millimeters and a weight of 28.7 kilograms, interfaces with image sources through HDMI and extends its support to professional transmission protocols like HDBaseT.

NEC PA1705UL price and availability

For those intrigued by the NEC PA1705UL, the 3LCD projector price is $26,031. This remarkable device is available in Black and White color variations, and it can be readily acquired from

In a prior release this year, NEC introduced the P627UL laser projector. Emanating brilliance of up to 6,200 ANSI lumens, its light source boasts an estimated operational span of 20,000 hours, maintaining 50 percent of its original luminance. This compelling offering was listed at a price point of $3,499.

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