Nanlite Forza 150 Compact Video Light Announced

A LED video light manufacturer Nanlite has announced a new compact Monolight kit – the Nanlite Forza 150. According to the manufacturer, customers praised the previously presented Nanlite Forza 60 and 60B lighting fixtures for power in an ultra-compact and lightweight body.

Nanlite Forza 150 LED Video Light Monolight Kit

And now, the company can offer everyone the same advantages in terms of size and weight, but with twice the power. As the manufacturer claims, this is exactly what you get with the new Nanlite Forza 150 video lighting that the company announced.

The new Forza 150 is a continuous studio lighting and has a slightly larger body than comparable 60 and 60B models but is smaller than the Forza 200. It has more power, it is a closer cousin to the Forza 60 and 60B, and one obvious common feature is the single-ended plug that is easy to install and lock into the power socket.

Like the Forza 60 and 60B, the new Forza 150 video light features a compact yet versatile FM mount. The Monolight kit includes a Bowens-mount adapter that fits in the included travel case, so you can use the Forza 150 light with plenty of light shaping tools right out of the box.

In addition, as mentioned above, you can use proprietary nozzles and diffusers with FM mount. This mount will save you space when compared to various Bowens mount accessories. Nanlite offers a wide variety of modifiers and FM mount lenses that also maintain a more compact shape.

Weighing only 1.36 kg. The Forza 150 video light emits a powerful stream of 27,960 lux 5600K of balanced daylight at a distance of 1 meter using the included reflector. Attach the separately available FL-11 Fresnel lens (FM mount), and the power rises to a truly impressive 69,200 lux. Every Nanlite delivers a highly accurate color, and the new Forza 150 supports CRI 96 and TLCI 98.

There are many ways to control the new Forza 150. The video light has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter, so you can control it directly using the NANLINK mobile app. It also has a built-in 2.4G synchronizer that lets you control the Forza 150 with the separately available WS-RC-C2 remote control.

More sophisticated lighting settings are available with the NANLINK app and WS-TB-1 transmitter. This option gives you deep and reliable control over a large number of light sources, according to the manufacturer.

Nanlite Forza 150 LED Video Light Monolight Kit

On the back of the new Forza 150, there are some differences from the 60 and 60B. In addition to the two push-button knobs and display, the Forza 150 also features a Mode button. The power connector is a locking XLR connector that prevents accidental loss of electricity while in use. A USB port is built-in for future firmware updates, and a DMX connector opens up the ability to control multiple fixtures at once.

All Nanlite Forza fixtures can be connected to AC power using the included power adapters, but you can also use these lights offline, all you need to do is install additional batteries when you are using the glider. It also applies to the Forza 150, it can be powered by an AC outlet or a separately available V-Mount battery.

In addition, the Forza 150 has 11 built-in effects, support for power reduction from 0 to 100%, standard mount of 5/8″.

Nanlite Forza 150 price and availability

Nanlite Forza 150 Monolight kit has been priced at $499 and is already available to buy through the, and websites.

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