New MacBook: Super thin, Retina display, USB Type-C Launched at $ 1,299

Apple has officially announced the new generation MacBook 2015 with lots of nice improvement.

New-MacBook--Super-thin,-Retina-display,-USB-Type-C-Launched-at-$-1,299As expected, Apple officially announced the new MacBook Air is called The new MacBook with very impressive thickness and weight, it is really very lightweight only 907 grams and only 13.1 mm thick, 24% thinner compared with the current MacBook Air. To provide an overall slim design, Apple has shortened the excess area of the MacBook, especially the keyboard area. With new structural design, MacBook Air 2015 keyboard promises to bring you the fantastic experience.

The Apple New MacBook property size 12 inch, Ultra HD resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels and Retina display technology, as the expectations of the users. The screen is very thin, only 0.88mm, we can say this is the thinnest MacBook screen ever, this screen panel of the new MacBook Air also helps save power up to 30% compared to the previous generation.


Next, the new MacBook Air offers new Generation Intel Core M 1.1Ghz dual-core processor (turbo boost 2.6 GHz, 4MB cache) Intel HD 5300 Graphics, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. For the advanced version includes Intel Core M 1.2Ghz dual-core processor (turbo boost 2.9 GHz, 4MB cache), same Graphics and RAM, 512GB SSD raised and sold for $ 1,599.

The structure of the new MacBook keyboard called butterfly mechanism. It brings new typing experience on the surface of each key. When you look at the size of each key is to ensure standard size, but the fact that it was greater than 17%. While the TrackPad of the new MacBook is quite large in size, integrated Force Click technology, able to recognize the impact or the light touch of the user.


Besides, Apple has completely removed the fan, the new MacBook without fan like the iPad, thanks to the Intel Core M processor. In the semiconductor substrate of the processor, the temperature will be around 35 ° C. The motherboard can not be changed or upgraded components such as RAM, hard drive. The battery was designed with the placement cell, to use up to 9 hours, or one working day. The battery capacity of 39.7 Wh, it’s a little higher than the MacBook Air 38.11 Wh.

The next highlight of the new MacBook Air is all in one USB Type-C port, combine with the VGA port, HDMI, DisplayPort port or regular USB port quite handy. Especially all, this port has a smaller size, and users can plug in any way if desired, similar to Lightning port is used for iPhone and iPad devices.


As expected earlier, new MacBook Air 2015 will be sold with 3 colors such as golden, gray and silver. For standard configuration, MacBoook Air 2015 will be sold for $ 1,299, the most powerful version with double memory will cost $ 1,599.


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