Linux OS on Canon DSLR Cameras

Magic Lantern is a team made a special firmware for Canon DSLR cameras, help expand many features that undeveloped and hidden by Canon.

Recently, the group said it has succeeded in making the Linux kernel V3.19 run on the Magic Lantern firmware library. Theoretically, all the cameras are supported Magic Lantern will install Linux Operating System and the group has successfully tested on Canon 60D, 600D, 7D, 5D, 5D mark 2 and mark 3.Linux OS on Canon DSLR Cameras

With this new step, the programmer can intervene directly in device hardware and develop the Linux with a lot of new features for Canon DSLR. A group working to implement the next step is to build interfaces (GUI) for a complete Linux and focus on developing new features. If you want to participate in programming and development, you can download the full source code here: Magic Lantern Forum.

If you do not know about Magic Lantern, this is a custom firmware for Canon DSLR. Once installed, you will get the features that are inherently device. For example, the Canon 50D can shoot video, 5D mark 3 can shoot RAW video at 24fps with extremely high bitrate or add features such as Focus Peak, time interval for turning time-lapse demand etc. Magic Lantern supports 13 Canon cameras, and you can learn the features of each series at Magic Lantern.

The Linux OS on Canon DSLR Cameras run successfully, so we hope that the next will be Android?


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