LG OLED TV – 55 inch Curved TV Review

LG OLED TV (55EA970T) is the first curved display TV, introduced by LG to the world in 2014. It has 4 Color Pixel range (WRGB) technology, which is enhanced the display color than the standard RGB screen. It’s helped to re-create more accurate colors with new display technology. A special feature is this TV is OLED technology with a curved display also allows you enjoy the movies and the sports as you are in it.


LG OLED TV with optimal contrast, uses the most advanced technology which is capable of displaying the same image without the need of backlight system. Thus, each pixel automatically adjusts the brightness, the image depth and color tones are more optimal. LG OLED TV reaches the perfect contrast when compared to any other curved OLED TV.

Boost Technology of 4 colors, add the extra point in red, green and blue colors. This helps the colored would be more accurate when displaying images. A giant leap forward compared to the previous OLED TVS. In this TV LG has exclusive efforts to provide a visual experience completely new for users.

Speed of response LG OLED TV a hundred times faster than LED TV, allowing you to enjoy action movies and sports with stable picture quality. The problem of image blurs because response time is completely eliminated. Really like the speed of movement in your life will be immersed in the colorful world of entertainment.

The LG OLED TV uses innovative technology frees viewers from the perspective problems. Color and shape guaranteed at least when viewed at the right angle left. Above all, the screen is equipped with an advanced color filter against image blurs and ensure optimal contrast of the display.

You can Enjoy 3D home theater on this 55 LG OLED TV, If you ever contemplate the beauty of 3D images on a flat screen, the 3D technology is now on the curved oled tv also offers 3D entertainment. With 2D to 3D conversion technology so that you can experience richer 3D content. Besides, lightweight 3D glasses do not use batteries. It has an elegant design gives you an experience to watch 3D image.

Enjoy your favorite shows, content and entertainment applications with excellent creative control of LG Smart. Simply point, shake, rotates and voice control. The LG Curved TV interface comes with many improvements will bring to you.  The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

LG OLED Curved TV Features:

  • Dimensions 122.7×19.2×79.8cm
  • Weight  17kg
  • Full HD 3D Smart OLED TV
  • Display Size of 55.0 inches
  • Scanning speed of 800Hz
  • Display resolution of 1920×1080 pixels


The LG OLED TV 55EA970T is also available at retail price of $7,499 for online.

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