Corsair unveils K70 Max Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Magnetic Switches

The Corsair K70 Max, boasting an 8,000 Hz sampling rate, a rotary volume control, RGB lighting, and innovative magnetic switches, emerges as a keyboard promising top-tier functionality. These new magnetic switches bring a noteworthy feature to the forefront: the capability to execute two actions with a single button press.

K70 Max Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Corsair with Magnetic Switches

Distinguished as one of Corsair’s most advanced gaming keyboards to date, the K70 Max stands apart from its K-series counterparts, predominantly due to the inclusion of novel magnetic-mechanical MGX switches. These switches offer a significant advantage: the independent configuration of each key’s actuation point, adjustable in 0.1-millimeter increments ranging from 0.4 to 3.6 millimeters.

Remarkably, Corsair’s software permits the assignment of two distinct actions to separate keystrokes. This feature can prove beneficial in various scenarios – in a MOBA game, for instance, a light press may initiate a spell, while a more forceful press triggers a secondary spell.

Additionally, the “Rapid Trigger” feature facilitates instantaneous key activation as the magnetic Hall-effect sensor registers even the slightest movement, minimizing latency. While the K70 Max mirrors the rest of the K70 lineup with its aluminum construction and customizable RGB lighting, the inclusion of these new switches sets it apart.

Located in the upper right corner, a mute button coexists with a rotary volume control, flanked by media playback control buttons. A memory foam palm rest, secured magnetically, offers comfort and convenience, allowing detachment as desired. Connecting to your computer is effortless, thanks to the detachable USB-C cable, boasting a high sampling rate of 8,000 Hz to ensure remarkably low latency.

Corsair K70 Max price and availability

The Corsair K70 Max gaming keyboard is now readily available on and, priced at $229.99 / £209.99.

Earlier this year, Razer introduced the new BlackWidow V4 Pro, a wired keyboard featuring linear clicky tactile keys. Boasting a command dial, dedicated macro and media keys, and immersive lighting, the BlackWidow V4 Pro comes in at an accessible price point of under $230 / £260.

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