JBL Quantum 400 Review: Best Budget Gaming Headset with Microphone

The market for gaming gear has been very active with the participation of US audio producer JBL. Among the 3 newly launched Quantum products, the JBL Quantum 400 gaming headset has gained its attention due to a very reasonable price of under $100. After a period of use, we want to share with you the JBL Quantum 400 review for our readers.

JBL Quantum 400 review


The box of the Over-Ear Gaming Headphones is very simple with product information printed on the back and the JBL Quantum 400 Gaming Headset will appear when you flip the front cover. Despite its simple appearance, the interior of the product impresses us immensely.

JBL Quantum 400 unboxing

The two connecting cables are carefully wrapped with JBL paracord to ensure durability when used in a variety of environments. The 3.5mm cable has a length of 1.2 meters and the USB Type-C to type-A fiber has a length of 3 meters that gives you the freedom to customize your entertainment experience at will. JBL Quantum 400 is the best gaming headset for PC to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and VR headsets.

In addition, you can also find a manual and voice focus directional flip-up boom for a microphone. The complete set of accessories that JBL brings makes us extremely satisfied as few competitors in this price range achieve the same place as the Quantum 400.


The first games we played after plugging the JBL Quantum 400 PC gaming headset into our laptop were Guild Wars 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2. Because those two games took a long time to solve, so we could evaluate them all.

best gaming headset with microphone

The lightweight and sturdy frame made of plastic do not make you get a headache after hours of entertainment. The memory foam ear cushions are also very airy, so our ears don’t sweat a lot. The head pads are so thin that they can be pressed comfortably in the middle of both ears, but the clamping force is sufficient so we don’t need it.

Another benefit of the design is that the ear pads can be folded easily, so we can assure you that you can take the JBL Quantum 400 on holiday trips with your friends and family.

Gaming Headset with Microphone

The other highlight of the JBL Quantum 400 that interests most of the gamers is the voice focus boom mic for multiplayer interactions, a game-chat balance dial, is certified for DISCORD, compatible with TeamSpeak and Skype. This makes the setup of the gaming headset with mic extremely simple. You just need to plug in to be able to climb the gaming ranks with your friends.

PC gaming headset with mic

Noise and echo are handled very well by JBL Quantum 400, so the quality of conversation is always guaranteed. The microphone mute button is also needed. This microphone has an automatic mute feature when you swipe upward or use the button behind the left earpad. This feature is very convenient when suddenly your parents give you a call from behind then there is no hindrance in gameplay.

gaming headphones

Except for the mute microphone button, you also have 2 other control knobs located on the same side. The first button will allow you to balance the volume between the game sound and the Discord voice while optimizing communication without distracting the gamer. The other button is simply the volume knob commonly found on gaming headsets.


It is always the gamers ‘dream to be the hero of the game played by themselves and with JBL Quantum Surround and DTS:X v2, the gamer’s dream come true. After a few steps to adjust the height and head size, the gamers are ready to turn into Ashen One in Dark Souls 3 or Hunter in Monster Hunter World.

best budget gaming headset

The epic soundtracks, sound effects, especially the roar of bosses like Darkeater Midir or Rajang will give you goosebumps. The sound of weapons, the cheers of the soldiers in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, the impact of the explosion in Call of Duty is so real that we had to pause the game halfway because some of us felt that we were shot or injured.

JBL also does not neglect the other entertainment aspects of Quantum 400 as it also equips its headphones with JBL Quantum Sound technology. While not as powerful as surround sound, but when you chill while watching movies on YouTube or Netflix, the soft, and sweet sound of the headset will be an essential measure. Even if you hit Pop, Vocal, or even Rap or Hip Hop, the JBL Quantum 400 works very well, so are not like other common gaming headphones with the same price segment.

JBL Quantum Engine

You will not see the full potential of JBL’s best budget gaming headset playing with bundled software, the JBL Quantum Engine. The software has an eye-catching futuristic interface, information is presented concisely and detailed so that you can easily manipulate it.

 JBL Quantum Engine

There are four items for you to customize according to your needs, including EQ, Surround, Lighting, and Microphone. Since Lighting depends a lot on your interests, we will let you decide for yourself. As for EQ and Surround, if you play offline games, then we encourage you to adjust the EQ to Bass boost and turn on JBL Quantum Surround. You should enter the exact height and head size parameters to get the best experience.

And when we play MOBA games like Dota 2, LOL, or FPS games like CS: GO with friends, people just leave Flat EQ and turn off the dome feature. Thus, you can not only get the most authentic feedback from the game but also optimize the quality of conversation via Discord or Teamspeak.

Final line

This JBL Quantum 400 gaming headset is a really good buy for gamers who play a lot of MOBA and games like Fortnite or PUBG with bombastic action sequences. The asking price of $99.95 on Amazon.com, is not too expensive either. If you want a cheaper well-rounded headset with almost in all-purpose solution, take a look at the EasySMX VIP002S gaming headset instead.

Under the $100 budget, JBL gives users a simple yet durable design, superb audio, and entertainment experience with support for the manufacturer’s features. It will definitely be a formidable competitor to other products available in the market.

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