iPhone 6 Pictures Comparison

Looking at the comparison pictures below, more people will understand why Apple has so many fans and followers.

Shooting ability is an integral part of the assessment a smartphone, especially at a time when smartphones were so popular as it is now. If considered separately, the only point and shot capabilities, the New iPhone is one of the models who feel most pleased by shooting friendly interface with auto capture capability of this device is quite good. Simply put, with the iPhone, users simply point-and-tap for clicking the pictures. So here we can see how changed the ability to take pictures of old to the new generation iPhone 6 Pictures Leaked.

This question has been photographer Lisa Bettany answer some images through small comparison between the different iPhone models. The pictures are original photographs and are arranged in the order of the launch – iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or 4s, iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S, and of course iPhone 6 pictures.

Take a look to all the iPhone pictures below to see the ability to take pictures of the iPhone has changed how miraculously since 2007:-

First is the macro capability. Unexpectedly, the iPhone 4 feels new equipment feels the most impressive pictures.

Next is the ability to shoot backlit. On this, as on the morning after the shooting capabilities of the device opposite the iPhone as progressive, growing phenomenon Flare is reduced in iPhone 6 pictures quality.


Portrait ability is also a factor to be appreciated in the iPhone line.

The ability to shoot in low light is perhaps the most obvious testament to the quality of the camera on the Apple has changed how impressive. Since the iPhone 5 onwards, the sharpness of the picture has been completed, the phenomenon of image noise is reduced significantly. With the latest smartphone is the iPhone 6 pictures, noise phenomenon almost completely improved that you can see in this picture.

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