iPad Pro M4 Quick Review: Powerhouse Achieves 2.5 Million AnTuTu Score

Shortly after its launch, we have the incredibly powerful and slim iPad Pro M4, featuring an impressive OLED screen. This iPad Pro M4 review unit has the basic configuration with 256GB storage, 8GB RAM, and a 9-core CPU, but still super strong performance in an ultra-thin body. 

iPad Pro M4 Quick Review


While the iPhone has had its charger removed from the box, the iPad is still fully equipped with accessories such as a charger and a durable braided charging cable. 

iPad Pro M4 review

A small change in this year’s iPad box is that there are no longer “Apple” logo stickers. Apple said this is a move that contributes to the company’s environmental protection.

First, the box has a simple design like other previous Apple products. The new iPad Pro will also be embossed on the box lid.

iPad Pro M4 review

As soon as I picked up the iPad Pro, the first thing I noticed was that it was really thin. But let’s put it aside, everything should be done slowly, there is no need to rush.

In the iPad Pro box, there will also be a charger and charging cord as always. As far as I know, if you buy the black version, the cord will also be black, and the charger will be white for all versions.


As Apple says, this is Apple’s thinnest product ever, thinner than the iPod Nano. Actually, looking at the picture and holding it in your hand is very different, holding it in your hand is really exciting, and I don’t know what words to use to describe all the emotions at this moment, looking at the picture is enough to understand.

iPad Pro M4 review

According to Apple, the device is only 5.1mm thick. Despite its slim profile, it remains sturdy. I’ve always found that Apple products, regardless of their size, are exceptionally well-crafted.

iPad Pro M4 review

If you use it with the keyboard attached, you won’t notice much of a difference, but if you use it to read the newspaper or something, everything becomes much better.

iPad Pro M4 review

Regarding the back design, it still has the same design language, there are not too many differences except the camera cluster has been made a bit smaller.

In more detail about the camera cluster, it has removed the glass part and replaced it with aluminum of the same color to be more consistent with the device. I appreciate this because before, the glass part in the camera cluster was easy to run and stick to fingerprints.

iPad Pro M4 review

From another angle, I have the feeling that the camera cluster on the new iPad Pro M4 is a bit thinner than the previous generation. At this angle, you can see Apple’s high-quality finishing and beveled corners. The rounded corner from the back to the camera cluster is too smooth.

The bottom still has the words iPad Pro and the connection protocol with the keyboard and other Apple accessories.

iPad Pro M4 review

When placed beside the iPhone 15 Pro, its size makes it look like a giant compared to a tiny boy.


Apple calls the iPad Pro 2024 screen Ultra Retina XDR with dual OLED panels specifically designed to achieve an extremely impressive brightness level of 1000 nits when displaying SDR content. 

A quick experience shows that the screen brightness is extremely impressive, and the contrast is excellent. The screen refresh rate is still 120Hz ensuring a smooth experience.


iPad Pro M4 geekbench

Even though it’s only a 9-CPU version, the performance of the iPad Pro M4 is dizzying. In Geekbench 6, the single-core score reached nearly 3700 points, and the multi-core score was 13,300 points. That’s the single-core point of a desktop CPU and the multi-core point somewhere between the Core Ultra 5 125H and Core Ultra 7 125H in a 5.3mm body, without a fan. For comparison, the multi-core power is somewhere around 2.4 times that of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

iPad Pro M4 Antutu

In the AnTuTu benchmark test, designed without specific optimization for the iPad, it still scored over 2.5 million points, with the GPU alone accounting for more than 1 million of those points. Without engaging in activities like video editing, music production, or using 3D software, it’s a challenge to fully utilize the device’s powerful capabilities.


This year, Apple removed the iPad Pro’s ultra-wide camera, leaving just a wide-angle lens. I believe this adjustment is logical, given that the iPad’s camera cannot realistically match the iPhone’s capabilities. Those who own an iPad Pro probably already own the newest, most advanced iPhone models with the best camera quality. Given the ease of image transfer between iPhone and iPad, the iPad’s camera is less critical.

The iPad Pro M4 2024 features a front camera repositioned for improved video calling. The resolution is still 12MP with virtually unchanged quality.

Apple Pencil Pro

In 2024, Apple launched the iPad Pro M4, showcasing its latest technological advancements. Additionally, they introduced the Pencil Pro, featuring enhanced capabilities including rotating the pen tip, squeezing, and providing tactile feedback, surpassing the Pencil 2’s double-tap function. However, the Apple Pencil Pro is sold separately.

Final line

This quick review includes an unboxing and hands-on experience with the iPad Pro M4. It was born to do things that no other tablet can do. Of course, the product price is not cheap, but in my opinion, those who can take advantage of the iPad Pro M4’s performance probably don’t care about the price. These will be professional content creators, artists, musicians, 3D artists, etc. 

As for the needs of entertainment, gaming, light work, or even simple 4K video editing without many effects, the M1 still meets the needs well, the M2 is more than enough for a few more years. Stay tuned for more detailed articles on the iPad Pro M4 coming your way soon.

iPad Pro M4 2024 price and availability

Pre-orders for the new iPad Pro are open on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Bhphotovideo, with availability starting May 15th. Pricing begins at $999 for the 11-inch, 256 GB model, and $1,299 for the 13-inch version. Customers have the option to enhance their experience with nanotexture glass, available for an extra $100. Users seeking enhanced connectivity can upgrade to a 5G modem for an additional cost of $200. For better functionality, they can buy the Apple Pencil Pro at $129 and a Magic Keyboard for $300-$349.

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