Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series Hands-On: Display upgrade, IPS68 waterproof, Software Features

The Galaxy Tab S9 Series expands Samsung’s 2023 product range in the Android tablet segment, bringing notable changes in configuration and equipment. It especially caters to content creators, offering seamless compatibility with other devices in the Galaxy ecosystem and providing access to professional software such as editing tools, photo editing software, and the new Goodnotes notes app.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review

One noteworthy feature is that all three Samsung S9 tablets will come equipped with a Dynamic AMOLED display, a step up from the previous generation where only the Ultra version had this feature. Additionally, an IP68 waterproof feature has been added to enhance the tablets’ resilience in adverse conditions. Under the hood, the tablets will still be powered by Qualcomm’s mighty Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 For Galaxy processor, complete with a vapor chamber cooling system to ensure optimal performance for tasks that demand high processing power.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review

This year’s Galaxy S9 Tablet lineup includes three versions: the standard S9 with an 11-inch screen, the S9 Plus with a 12.4-inch screen, and the premium S9 Ultra boasting a massive 14.6-inch display. All three variants come with Dynamic AMOLED 2X screens, featuring a 16:10 aspect ratio and impressive refresh rates of up to 120Hz. As for weight, there are six options available, offering both WiFi and 5G connectivity for each version. The Tab S9 weighs 498 grams, the S9 Plus weighs 581 grams, and the S9 Ultra weighs 732 grams.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review

Regarding the camera setups, both the S9 Plus and the S9 Ultra come equipped with two cameras on the back. In contrast, the standard S9 version only has a single camera. Specifically, the S9+ and S9 Ultra sport an ultra-wide 13MP AF + 8MP camera combination, while the S9 features a single 13MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review

The design language of the Samsung S9 Tab remains consistent with its predecessors, featuring a sleek and shiny brushed metal frame. The square edges lend a sense of sophistication, and the thickness is thoughtfully balanced with the overall screen size. As expected from Samsung, the design exudes luxury, solidifying its position as a leader in the realm of Android tablets. Notably, the back of the device incorporates a dedicated slot to securely hold and charge the S-Pen. This year, a welcome change allows the pen to be connected and fully charged, regardless of its orientation.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review

On one side of the device, you’ll find a cluster of volume up and down keys, as well as the power button to control the screen. Below, there’s a SIM tray for easy access. On the opposite side, a contact leg area facilitates seamless connection to the keyboard cum cover. The device also features a USB-C charging port, two speakers positioned at the bottom, and two more speakers on the top edge.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review

The S9 Ultra boasts an impressive 14.6-inch display, complemented by thin borders and a central notch housing a cluster of two selfie cameras.

When attached to the keyboard, the S9 Ultra becomes a multitasking powerhouse in DexMode mode, allowing you to connect additional peripherals such as mice. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus features a sizable 12.4-inch screen.

With each year’s hardware upgrades, tablets must also receive feature updates to enhance their capabilities. As an exclusive perk, Samsung Galaxy S9 Tab users will receive the Android version of the popular Good Notes app pre-installed, along with a complimentary one-year subscription. Currently, this app is available exclusively for Samsung tablets. Additionally, Samsung Notes remains available for users. For those who enjoy drawing, the S-Pen Creator Edition offers a fantastic accessory with an improved feel, larger angle, and interchangeable drawing or writing tips, thanks to its ribbed surface.

Pre-order offers and release date

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series has experienced a noticeable price increase this year. However, to offset this entry cost, and have introduced enticing pre-order deals. For any pre-orders placed between July 26, 2023, and August 10, 2023, customers can choose to either double their storage space or enjoy an instant deduction of £100 from the purchase price.

A noteworthy advantage of the Galaxy Tab S9 series is the extended software support it offers. Users can expect to receive four years of Android updates and five years of security updates, ensuring their devices remain up-to-date and secure over an extended period.

Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9+ and Tab S9 Ultra specifications

  • Display S9: 11-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X 120Hz display, HDR10+, 16:10 aspect ratio,
  • Display S9+: 12.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X 120Hz display, HDR10+, 16:10 aspect ratio,
  • Display S9 Ultra: 14.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X 120Hz display, HDR10+, 16:10 aspect ratio,
  • Storage: 8GB+128GB/12GB+256GB (Tab S9); 12GB+256GB/512GB (Tab S9+); 12GB+256GB/512GB or 16GB/1TB (Tab S9 Ultra)
  • Camera Tab S9: Single Rear – 13MP AF; Single Front – 12MP Ultra-Wide
  • Camera Tab S9+: Dual Rear – 13MP AF + 8MP Ultra-Wide; Single Front – 12MP Ultra-Wide
  • Camera Tab S9 Ultra: Dual Rear – 13MP AF + 8MP Ultra-Wide; Dual Front – 12MP + 12MP Ultra-Wide
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy
  • Connectivity: 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth v 5.3
  • Sound: Quad Stereo Speakers with Sound by AKG, Dolby Atmos
  • Security: Samsung Knox, Fingerprint on Display
  • Accessories: S Pen (BLE, Inbox), S Pen Creator Edition Book Cover Keyboard, Book Cover Keyboard Slim, Smart Book Cover, Outdoor Cover, Notepaper Screen, Privacy Screen
  • IP68 Water-Resistant and IP68-rated S Pen
  • Operating system: Android 13 with One UI 5.1.1
  • Battery: 8400mAh (Tab S9); 10090mAh (Tab S9+); 11200mAh (Tab S9 Ultra)
  • Dimensions: 165.8 x 254.3 x 5.9mm; 185.4 x 285.4 x 5.7mm; 208.6 x 326.4 x 5.5mm
  • Weight: 498g (Wi-Fi) / 500g (5G); 581g (Wi-Fi) / 586g (5G); 732g (Wi-Fi) / 737g (5G)

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