iFi xCAN Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth, Priced at $299

iFi has introduced xCAN, a portable amplifier audio headphone amp with high-quality Bluetooth connectivity with aptX and AAC Hi-Res codecs, up to 1000mW at 32 ohms for each channel, Bluetooth uses ESS Saber DAC chip along with the famous pulse generator circuit from AMR (Abingdon Music Research).

iFi xCAN Portable Amplifier

One noteworthy feature of xCAN is its ability to remember up to eight Bluetooth devices, allowing users to quickly switch back and forth without repeating cumbersome setup steps. iFi xCAN seems to be born to inherit two iFi products iCAN SE and iCAN Nano. It is compatible with many other devices such as smartphones, PCs or other high-end media players, as well as support for Smart TV connectivity.

Imagine you can sync xCAN with your Smart TV via Bluetooth and then plug in headphones to xCAN and enjoy the movie or music video, too! As mentioned above, it has a Dual Mono amplifier circuit, running CyberDrive headphone amplifier and iFi exclusive OV4627 ultra-low noise FET input Op-Amp and W990VST, have a nominal power up to 1000mW at 32 ohms and 45mW at 300 ohms per channel, so xCan will hit well in the range of 16 ohms – 150 ohms, 300 ohms slightly browned.

The digital circuit is controlled by the W990VST chip, which reduces the signal loss as a normal resistor volume, further reducing the two channels left / right imbalances. xCAN also integrates new technologies such as Advanced Analogue Signal (ASP), 3D+ and XBass to improve the clarity and improve the overall sound, giving the listener a sense of peace.

headphone Amplifier

The iFi xCAN has both an input and a 2.5mm balanced and single-ended output for best-in-class audio playback as well as the highest possible audio quality. The product is just 95 x 66.5 x 19mm, almost identical to the xDSD previously released. The total volume of the device is only 127g, and the battery capacity is 2200mAh can last about 6 ~ 8h continuous use.

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