HEROCast: Live video stream from the GoPro on TV

Recently The GoPro company released new HEROCast devices, help transfer images directly from the GoPro camera on TV or Live TV broadcasting.HEROCast--Live-video-stream-from-the-GoPro-on-TVThe HEROCast supporting a maximum resolution of 1080p @ 60fps and selling price up to $ 7500. HEROCast size equivalent a GoPro camera and connect directly to the camera via HDMI cable, GoPro said all the most vivid image of the wearer will be transmitted to the TV with less lag and the current one HEROCast used to transmit live video in two sports programs such as X Games Aspen 2015 (ESPN) and All Star Weekend 2015 Honda (NHL).

The images can be taken directly from the perspective of the athlete to screen millions of viewers have a great effect in enhancing the attractiveness and the reality of a program, especially in the field of sports. With this equipment viewers can see what the athletes are doing, may experience the most heart-pounding action sequences that were previously only expressed by athletes. And above all, all the images are broadcast in real time, thanks to this HEROCast equipment.HEROCast-BacPac

The GoPro company says this is a professional transmitter device, smallest and lightest in the world today. It can play video in two resolutions, 1080 @ 60fps and 720 @ 60fps, using H.264 video encoding, low latency and connect with GoPro HDMI cable. There are two types: HEROCast and HEROCast BacPac. The HEROCast usually connected by a long cable, allowing the wearer can arrange transmitters up anywhere on the body, HEROCast BacPac is also attached directly to a box of GoPro cameras which is standard IP67 water resistant. It is also very easy to install, but the overall weight will increase.

The price of these two GoPro HEROCast products equal $ 7500 and is compatible with all GoPro mounted accessories. The HEROCast battery duration time up to 40 minutes, the actual time may depend on the ambient temperature, but you can add external sources for it to work longer.


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