Google launched ARC Welder to run Android apps on computer

Google is looking to bring its Android app on PC and laptop devices that uses Chrome browser.

Google began testing, allows Android applications on the computer through the Chrome browser extension called ARC Welder. This means you can run Android applications on the computer if installed Chrome 40 or higher, regardless of computer use Chrome OS, Mac, Linux or Windows.


The ARC project to bring Android apps to Chrome OS and is limited to a small group of application developers working with Google. Now, Google has announced the tool for all developers, while adding new features to bring Android apps on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This extension is still in the testing process should have a lot of apps does not work really well and we can only run one application at a time only, it was created for the purpose of helping the programmer User is testing their application is performing well or not in Chrome. During the tests, ARC Welder do not support Google Play Services, many applications require this service will not operate, including the application by Google. If Google successfully run Android apps on Chrome is definitely the very useful of this browser and Chrome OS will increase their popularity.


More detailed information is expected to be unveiled at the end of the May 2015. In order to test a particular application, you just download ARC Welder from Chrome store, then download the APK file application and click on the Open button. Remember, its only run one application at a time, to be removed to run second application.

However, at the present time, the ARC Welder still works with Android 4.4 version, while not support Lollipop 5.0. Google also said that the ability to develop a larger version of Google Play app store for the Chrome browser. With Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 10 operating system for both mobile and computer. Google will need to do more to help maintain the current Android status, expanding market share to devices such as desktop and laptop.


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