Fujifilm XM-FL Lens Launched at $ 100 in Japan

Fujifilm Japan has officially launched a special lens called XM-FL 24mm f / 8. This new Fuji Lenses the Pancake body-cap Lens with built-in photo filter with a lid, allowing users to take photos with fun effects and no longer have to worry about forgetting the lens cap.


The structure of the Fujifilm XM-FL Lens is very simple, Fuji lens placed in a wheel and you will rotate the wheel to select the corresponding filter. Wheels have holes for attaching the filter to turn and change as needed. There are four types of filter.


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Each filter will have a corresponding notch on each wheel, respectively, as shown below:

  • Filter Protection – The function of the lens to protect from scratches and dust
  • Cross Filter – Lets you capture the lights or flashing spots
  • Soft Filter – special soft blur effect
  • Cover – Used to cover the lens when not in use


The Fujifilm XM-FL lens weighs only 320grams and 21mm thin. Because of the structure so thin and the lens does not have any electronic communication between the camera and the lens. That means this lens does not have the ability to autofocus and image capture, no information about the ExiF lens. The price of the Fujifilm XM-FL lens is $ 100 with two silver and black color. This lens is not currently available in other countries.


Check out Fujifilm Lenses Prices below:

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