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Lensbaby Lens now officially supports Fujifilm X-Mount Cameras

Lensbaby introduces its flagship lens range for Fujifilm X-mount. So after a long time, Fujifilm users are able to use the Lensbaby Lens directly without moving the lens mounts. The Lensbaby lens for Fujifilm X-mount include the Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic, Composer Pro with Sweet 50 Optic, Circular Fisheye, and Velvet 56 Portrait Lens. Composer Pro with Sweet …

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Upcoming Fujifilm Lens: XF 33mm F1.0?

Recent leak and latest photo from Fujirumors shows a mock-up version of the XF 33mm F/1.0 lens. The sources said that Fujifilm is considering for production of this lens and still no official decision has been made. If this lens is produced, it will be the largest aperture Fujifilm Lens ever, with an extremely well low-light shooting capabilities or thin …

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Fujifilm XM-FL Lens Launched at $ 100 in Japan

Fujifilm Japan has officially launched a special lens called XM-FL 24mm f / 8. This new Fuji Lenses the Pancake body-cap Lens with built-in photo filter with a lid, allowing users to take photos with fun effects and no longer have to worry about forgetting the lens cap. The structure of the Fujifilm XM-FL Lens is very simple, Fuji lens …

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