Fujifilm releases new firmware for Fuji X-T1, Fuji X100T and series lens

The most advanced camera X-T1 has received the updated firmware V3.1 allows the device working fast, accurate and better autofocus in low light conditions.


This update also improves the flash light firing when the shutter mode switch on the X-T1. The Premium Compact Fuji X100T also receive updates V1.1 with improvements in flash type, autofocus in low light conditions. The XF 10-24mm f/4, XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4, XF 18-135mm f/3 and XF 55-200mm f/3 is a new firmware update to improve stability mode, while increasing clarity for some lenses. Details of the changes and download link below:

Download Firmware V3.1 for Fuji X-T1

  • Improved ability to flash when the Mechanical + Electrical shutter mode on
  • Improved Wifi when the “FUJIFILM PC AutoSave” is selected
  • Improving the information shown in the USB Set-up display mode
  • Fast Focus. The ability to focus in low light conditions very accurate and fast.

Download Firmware V1.1 for Fuji X100T

  • Add notified when the “conversion LENS” is selected in the Functions (Fn) settings
  • Improved ability to flash when the Mechanical + Electrical shutter mode on
  • Improves the visibility of the viewfinder
  • Improved display mode when using the EVF Peaking Focus in low-light environments

Download the firmware for the XF 10-24mm, XF 18-55mm, XF 18-135mm and XF 55-200mm Lens

  • Improved features OIS optical image stabilizer
  • Evaluation of the page Admiring light: Sharpness of the image is improved in every case, every lens

Courtesy: Fujifilm 

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