Fuji X100T Super viewfinder 16mp Camera

The most prominent product of Fujifilm at Photokina this year is definitely the hybrid viewfinder camera X100T its great, but also can not forget to mention the X30, a PnS camera is extremely impressive. Fujifilm has introduced the third generation of the X100 series with X100T. Remains the classic design, compact chassis of the X100, Fujifilm continues to improve its operating performance for faster shooting capabilities, optical viewfinder combined with electronics for faster response time and reduced lag.

Fuji X100T

This is the Wi-Fi Camera to easily connect with the smartphone and tablet. So the rumors of an X series camera owner full-frame sensor with attached lens is not true. Fuji X100T followed X100S and generation X version interchangeable lens line. The camera possesses X-Trans CMOS feel 2nd generation resolution 16.3 MP CMOS ultra-bright lens and 23mm f/2, has special structure in the arrangement of color pixels in the sensor so the sensor does not use anti-aliasing filter.

Fuji X100T

The most prominent feature on the Fuji X100T is hybrid viewfinder, allowing you to focus as with the rangefinder camera. The display features such as focus areas in the image focus peaking, sharing pictures and the simulation mode filters also help you better visualize the picture before you press the shutter button.

Fujifilm is also offering for users who prefer manual control. Adjust exposure compensation round aperture lens helps you more detailed control, you’ll also find two new features like a four-way controller and dial button. You can also find different seven buttons for custom functions. Even the body is also more updated with subtle metallic magnesium at both the top and bottom of the camera. Fuji Camera will go on sale in mid-November at a price of $ 1300.

Fuji X100T

Compared to its predecessor the X20, the X30 has some worthwhile upgrade for fans of Fuji. The most significant upgrade is the electronic viewfinder 2.36 million dots new, 100% viewfinder provides the same 3-inch LCD high resolution can be rotated.

A Camera with an ISO range from 100 to 25,600, continue improving hybrid viewfinder with optical design combined with electronics, Fujifilm has brought some of the characteristics of the electronic viewfinder on the X-T1 to improve the Fuji X100T.

The effectiveness of this hybrid viewfinder also useful when applying Fujifilm photographic effects, with rapid lever to switch OVF/EVF, you just see the context as well as the switch to see effects will reproduce works when shooting. Fuji X100T improved display when equipped with LCD size 3 inch with a resolution of 1.04 million pixels, of course it still does not change the way joint to determine distinctions product. Camera startup time only 0.5 seconds, shutter speed was 0.01 seconds with the shutter speed to a maximum exposure time of 1/32000 seconds, 4 times higher with a professional DSLR model.

Fuji X100T

Apart from the features already integrated, Fujifilm adds film simulation modes, Classic Chrome, bringing tones warmer and deeper color reproduction, showing characteristic color, sky blue and true green. You can also customize the options available to create different images. An additional noteworthy feature Wi-Fi connection, you can transfer images through Fujifilm Photo Receiver app, and can turn the mobile device into the electronic viewfinder Fujifilm Camera Application Remote. On mobile devices, applications have the ability to store geographic location through GPS in the captured image. In addition, users can use the ability to automatically backup images via Wi-Fi on the computer. Little change in control of this camera is key rotation EV exposure compensation adjustment the limit up to +3/-3 levels and amplitude is 1/3 steps per rotation.

Fuji X100T Specs:

  • Dimensions of 12.65×7.44×5.24cm
  • Weight of 400g body or 4404 with batteries and memory card
  • Compact pocket Camera
  • CMOS X-Trans II Sensors with 16.3 MP
  • EXR Image Processor II
  • 23mm f/2 Lens
  • LCD Display of 3 inches with resolution of 1.040 pixels
  • Hybrid viewfinder technology
  • Optical magnification of 0.5x
  • ISO of 100-51200
  • Focus Hybrid AF, AF lags 0.06 seconds
  • Shooting modes like Auto, P/A/S/M, SCN, filter effects and classic
  • Full HD Movie Recording at 1920×1080 pixel
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • SDHC memory card
  • NP-95 Battery

Check out Fuji X100T Price below:

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