Garmin Descent Mk3i AMOLED smartwatches with diving functions, flashlight and sonar communication

Garmin has unveiled two sophisticated smartwatches tailored for divers, the Descent Mk3i and Mk3 models, boasting a diverse array of features and robust security measures. However, acquiring these watches may require a substantial investment given their extensive functionalities and advanced display tech.

Garmin Descent Mk3i release date

The latest lineup from Garmin, the Descent Mk3 dive computers, arrives in multiple versions. These aren’t just dedicated diving systems; they effortlessly integrate into Garmin’s smartwatch collection. Essentially, these dive computers are Epix Pro models fused with an AMOLED screen, fortified with diving capabilities, and designed to resist water pressure.

Beyond underwater exploration, the Descent Mk3 smartwatches are equipped with terrestrial navigation capabilities, featuring pre-loaded maps and a GNSS module. These devices capture various vital metrics, including heart rate variability and oxygen saturation, offering more than just basic heart rate monitoring. They also provide workout guidance, evaluate current performance, display notifications, and enable NFC payments.

As for diving functionality, the latest iteration brings innovation, especially in the Mk3i versions. These offer expanded SubWave capabilities. Paired with the Descent T2 transceiver, the Mk3i sends preset messages to divers within a 30-meter range, delivering insights into other divers’ positions and available tank pressure.

Garmin Descent Mk3i release date

However, Garmin mentions that the message function, depth, and distance information will be implemented through a software update in 2024. The Mk3i models boast suitability for dives of up to 200 meters, with the inductive metal buttons remaining functional even at significant depths. They come pre-loaded with dive maps for over 4,000 sites worldwide.

Garmin Descent Mk3i & Mk3 price and release date

The Mk3, lacking the SubWave feature, is priced at just under $1199.99. Meanwhile, the Mk3i in the 43-millimeter version is available for just under $1,399.99 on and A 51-millimeter version costs under $1,600 or $1,800 – depending on whether a silicone or titanium bracelet is desired. The larger versions also come with a flashlight.

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