Garmin Epix Pro Gen 2 Smartwatch with AMOLED Display and Waterproof Design

Garmin has unveiled its latest smartwatch, the second-generation Garmin Epix Pro, alongside the Fenix 7 Pro. One standout feature of this new offering is the integrated flashlight, available across all case sizes, as well as an upgraded heart rate monitor.

Garmin Epix Pro 2

Garmin recognizes that distinguishing between the Pro and non-Pro versions is not as straightforward as it was with previous Fenix models, where the Pro devices boasted larger internal memory. To address this, the manufacturer emphasizes that the Pro functions now include a next-generation heart rate sensor. Additionally, regardless of the case size, the Garmin Epix Pro features an integrated LED flashlight.

Compared to the Fenix line, the Garmin Epix Pro Gen 2 sets itself apart with its AMOLED screen, offering a resolution of up to 454 x 454 pixels for the 51 mm version. Similar to the Fenix 7 Pro, the Epix Pro also comes with a sapphire glass variant, partly crafted from titanium instead of stainless steel. Standard versions, on the other hand, are safeguarded by Corning Gorilla Glass. Unlike the Fenix wearables, the Epix Pro does not come with a solar lens. Consequently, when combined with the AMOLED display, the battery life is notably shorter, lasting only up to four days, especially when the always-on mode is active.

In addition to heart rate monitoring, the Epix Pro enables users to measure blood oxygen saturation levels. It offers extensive tracking capabilities for various sporting activities, including water-based exercises, as the watches are waterproof up to a test pressure of 10 ATM. Furthermore, running efficiency metrics can be directly measured from the wrist, and the internal memory allows storage of not only maps but also music.

Garmin Epix Pro 2 price and availability

The Epix Pro is available in its standard version with a starting price of $899.99 on, while the 51-millimeter version costs an additional $100. The Pro version requires a minimum investment of $999.99, with the larger variant also incurring an extra $100.

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