Cooler Master GM27-CFX Review: Best Budget Curved Monitor

Cooler Master has expanded its line of gaming monitors and introduced several new models, including the Cooler Master GM27-CFX, which is considered to be the best curved monitor. The 27 inch curved monitor features a VA panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and utilizes Quantum Dot technology, resulting in a color gamut of 98% of the DCI-P3 space. High gaming performance is achieved through a high refresh rate of up to 240 Hz and a response time of 0.5 ms. Additionally, it has support for eye protection technologies and adaptive sync. The monitor has a stylish design and a functional stand, making it a complete package. In this Cooler Master GM27-CFX review, we will examine how well it performs in actual use.

Cooler Master GM27-CFX Review: Best Budget Curved Monitor

Cooler Master GM27-CFX specifications

  • Display: 27-inch VA 8bit panel, Quantum dot display
  • Curvature: 1500R
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
  • Refresh Rate: 240 Hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • Viewing Angle (H/V): 178°/178°
  • Brightness: 400 nits (Typical)
  • Color Gamut: DCI-P3 98%
  • Response Time: 0.5ms (MPRT)
  • Features: DisplayHDR400, DCR, Adaptive Sync, FreeSync Range, G-Sync, Low Blue Light, Anti-flicker, Overdrive Technology
  • Ports: 1x DisplayPort 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0
  • Audio: 2x 2W speakers
  • VESA Mount: 100 x 100mm
  • Stand: Height Adj. (0~130mm), Swivel (-15°~+15°), Tilt (-5°~+20°)
  • Dimensions: 36.2 x 61 x 29 cm
  • Weight; 5.02 kg


The Cooler Master gaming PC monitor is packaged in a medium-sized cardboard box featuring a black color print. The front of the box displays a schematic image of the monitor, the model name, and a list of its main advantages and capabilities.

The monitor is securely nestled in a foam mold within the packaging. The remaining accessories are placed neatly alongside it. The packaging appears to be secure enough, reducing the likelihood of damage during transportation. In addition to the monitor and stand, the box includes an HDMI cable, a DisplayPort cable, two power cables, a power supply, and documentation.

The inclusion of two different cables is a notable positive aspect of the package. However, no other optional accessories are included.

Design and ergonomics

Let’s begin by discussing the stand. Upon opening the box, it can be seen that it comes in two separate parts. The base is made of metal and is painted silver. Its shape mimics the shape of the manufacturer’s logo. On the back, six rubber pads of varying sizes and shapes ensure stability for the gaming PC monitor and prevent it from sliding on the table. Based on our examination, it appears that these pads are effective in their task.

The stand’s leg has a cylindrical shape and, like the base, is made of metal. It can be assembled without the use of any tools, the leg is attached to the base with one screw. The assembled stand is relatively compact and can be considered an advantage. For more convenient and organized cable routing, the stand includes a clip that attaches to the foot and keeps the wires in place.

Cooler Master GM27-CFX Review: Best Budget Curved Monitor

The back of the Cooler Master GM27-CFX is constructed from matte black plastic. Decorative inserts are incorporated to make the back panel more visually interesting. The monitor also has the capability of being wall-mounted, providing the option of placing it on brackets and saving space on the table. The manufacturer’s logo is located in the upper left corner.

Cooler Master GM27-CFX Review: Best Budget Curved Monitor

All ports are located on the bottom of the monitor and are labeled. The speakers are located at the bottom end of the monitor. There is a five-way joystick for controlling and adjusting the monitor settings.

Once assembled, the Cooler Master GM27-CFX has a great overall appearance. The design can be described as a classic rather than flashy. There are no glowing elements or backlighting, and everything is as restrained, strict, and simple as possible. The build quality and materials are excellent, with no signs of instability or creaking. The design gives off a sense of security and durability.

The stand offers excellent customization flexibility. It supports adjustments to the angle of inclination, as well as rotation in the horizontal plane and height adjustments. However, it does not support vertical panel orientation, which is common among other curved monitors.

Menu and setting

The setup menu is typical of the brand, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The menu is divided into six sections. The first section is used to select the input, the second section opens the sound settings, the third section presents the main modes of operation (such as games, movies, etc.), the fourth section is dedicated to color settings, the fifth section is manual image settings, and the last sixth section is used to configure the menu itself.

Cooler Master GM27-CFX review test

Like many other gaming monitors, the our Cooler Master GM27-CFX review unit also supports FreeSync technology. This technology provides a smoother gaming experience and eliminates potential issues such as tearing artifacts and other problems in fast-moving scenes and sudden changes in angle. This is achieved by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with the FPS level. At first glance, the Full HD resolution may seem inadequate for the selected diagonal size, however, it is this resolution that enables a high FPS level in games and makes the monitor’s support for a refresh rate of 240 Hz practical.

Additionally, there is support for Low Blue Light technology. This technology filters out the glare of the blue light spectrum, making it less aggressive and harmful to the eyes.

Now, let us proceed to the Cooler Master GM27-CFX review. In front of us is a 27-inch VA matrix (quantum dot) with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Typically, viewing angles for VA panels are exceptional. There is minimal distortion, even when deviating greatly from a right angle.

The uniformity of the backlight is also satisfactory. There are no issues with the white field. However, a slight light leakage can be observed near the left edge of the screen when displaying black. However, it is not noticeable in everyday use.

The maximum brightness is 441 cd/m2, which, given the screen’s good anti-reflective properties, is sufficient for comfortable use even in bright ambient light. The picture is not significantly affected by direct sunlight. The contrast ratio slightly exceeds the stated value and is at the level of 3100:1.

The manufacturer has announced a VA panel with Quantum dot technology, which increases the color gamut of the display and covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color space. To evaluate this claim, we will test the standard mode. The gamma curves are well-formed and almost on the reference curve. The color channels are stable throughout with minimal spread. The color temperature is practically equivalent to the standard 6,500 K. This value is not critical, but slightly too high. The color gamut is indeed significantly superior to sRGB. Almost all points of the gray wedge fall within the DeltaE<10 range, resulting in no stray shades on the gray gradient.

For comparison, we will consider another mode – “Film”. The results are almost identical to the previous mode. The only noticeable difference is a slight deviation of the gamma curves from the reference. Otherwise, the results are more than satisfactory.

After manual calibration, the Cooler Master GM27-CFX shows simply excellent results, fully confirming the manufacturer’s claim of almost complete coverage of the DCI-P3 range. The maximum deviation is only 0.68, and the average value is at a level of 0.07. Such results can be considered acceptable not only for gaming but also for professional use. The wide color gamut and accurate color reproduction make it suitable not only for games and entertainment but also for working with photos and videos.

Next, we will test the response speed.

  • Refresh rate: 240 Hz
  • Response time: 0.5 ms
  • Image movement speed: 960 PPS
  • Exposure when shooting – 1/320

Below are the results with overclocking enabled and disabled.

The difference is noticeable. With overclocking enabled, the response time is very fast and the results can be considered satisfactory. The monitor is ideal for games where fast reaction time is crucial.

Final line

In conclusion, the Cooler Master GM27-CFX is the best curved monitor for gaming in the mid-price range. In addition to good gaming performance, the device has a stylish and sleek design and a functional stand. Color reproduction deserves special attention, which is on par with significantly more expensive professional models. Thus, the Cooler Master GM27-CFX can be easily used not only for games and entertainment but also for working with photos and videos, making it a suitable professional monitor for designers or other content creators.


  • Excellent color reproduction, on par with professional solutions, after calibration
  • Wide color gamut
  • Good gaming performance
  • Compact and ergonomic stand
  • Stylish and minimalistic design


  • The FullHD resolution may seem inadequate for a monitor of this caliber.

Price and availability

The Cooler Master GM27-CFX quantum dot display monitor was originally priced at $429.99, but it is currently available for $387 on

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